Thursday, December 31, 2009


something really bad happened yesterday night
my dad's restaurant kena ROB wei!!!!!
how dare they rob my restaurant huh???!!

at 3am something
my dad called me
said that our MANAGER was in the hospital
i was shocked
then he told me
at 2am something
which i just went home with my mom
6 indian guys
my dad was in the office
he watch the cctv
he thought they were police
because some of them were trying to nab the illegal workers
but others went into the restaurant
and then ran out
my dad found something was wrong
he tried to run to outside to see what was going on
and he sprainned his leg

they robbed a few hundreds
and luckily no one is hurt
except my dad
hopefully he can recover faster
because his birthday is coming

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


another christmas surprise from him
thanks my dear
for preparing this big christmas meal for me

pork chop with onion soup

sprite + beer

this cake was made by kelvin's mom
for my mom's birthday
all handmade!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


went one utama
the gardden restaurant
to celebrate her 21th birthday
it was a surprise birthday celebration for her
the environment there is good
deco with all the bushes, flowers, leaves
as what the name called

there is a small white grand piano at the entrance
my dream!
but the whole thing was spoilt by gthe pianist
cause he can't play really well

potato wedges
i don't know since when i am addicted to this
love it!

lamb shank

soda lavender

Sunday, December 20, 2009


went mid valley with my friend vicky and kelvin
once i open my house gate
i found a green item hanging at my gate
i thought it's my food
cause my dad usually hang food there so that i can eat when i wake up
without distuurbing me
( like prisoner)
then i opened my gate and i found this

with a box inside

eye gel from L'ocitane
and a handmade X'mas card!
( the round one, which is a perfume was bought later)
my surprise Xmas gift from SANTA CLAUS kelvin
thanks my dear....
so sweet....

later on we went mid valley
we had lunch in San Francisco
set lunch is really worthy
RM16.90 per set
bread+soup+main course+drinks
total rm58 for 3 of us
high quality with reasonable price


leg of lamb

at night we went for the star concert
with college gang
the leave in the middle of the concert
cause they found it boring and hot
but me and vicky and kelvin stayed there till the end
the show really nice at the end!!
the concert reach boiling point when Kelly's performance

and the fireworks at the end wass
super duper awesome
those who miss it
i can say that
you will definately regret

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


hate it when finals is at the end of the year
because there are too many holidays and concerts
really no mood to study

i want holidays
i don't want finals
finals is crazy
don't know who start to set the rules the must to take exam
who so cruel?
why must we judge a person's intelligence with exams?
people who score badly in their exams doesn't mean they are stupid
exam will only increase pressure and disorders among students
so exam should be TERMINATE

i know i am dreaming

Monday, December 14, 2009


i just got this from my dad
cause usually he is the one who check the mail box
this is a card from my sponsor child from india
she colored the "I" area
then i should color the "U" area
their theme for this is peace
therefore they use a dove

i was surprise when i got this
my feeling was complicated
i was a little bit down when i read the brochure from world visioon
because when u see the condition of those poor country
really terrible
try to help people who are in need
i believe you can get double of what you give

Sunday, December 13, 2009


went LOT 10 for lunch
its a food court
with nice renovation
nice food
reasonable price

fried oyster with egg

cheesy fish with spaghetti

dim sum

the brothers
Alvin and the chipmunk
i really love this cake
so lovely!
made by kelvin's mom
all the items are made by sugar and chocolate

Saturday, December 12, 2009


went genting yesterday and stayed over night there
with mom and her friends
not really a good trip for me
because i was not feeling well in the car
feel like vomitting
i think no more genting for me
at least for this moment

doesnt have a good sleep
thanks to my mom's friend
she has a really LOUD snoring
till i thought the sound was from an engine
actually i knew that she will snore loudly
because this is not the first time that we stay in the same room
but what can i do?
i keep on waking
until don't know what time
her snoring turn softer
only i can sleep
so-called sleep at around 3
wake up at 11 something
the aunty had a good sleep
but me
i don't know how many hours i had sleep

my mom had alcohol before she slept
of course it is ok for her
so i think next time i should take some alcohol
to have a better sleep....

study for cognition
cant understand
i thought it's because i do not pay enough attention in class
until yion told me that she can't understand as well
how come so tough for finals???
i need you to lecture me
because i will only understand when u explain to us....

Thursday, December 10, 2009


suppose to study for final now
but my laziness drag me to my computer again
having 4 ssubjects for final
but so far
i had only FLIP THROUGH microeconomics

never mind
i should sleep earlier
i can study tomorrow
but i am going genting with my mom tomorrow
how to study?

never mind
i can study when i am back on friday


Monday, December 7, 2009


went time square with ah kei
and later meet kelvin there
because ah kei had to go there for her mobile enquiry

the christmas tree there is huge
time flies
so fast year 2009 is going to finish
what have i done for this year?
i don't know
hardly think of something special
just some daily routine
oh ya
i worked as promoter!
other than this?
i think nothing much special to mention

three more months i am going 20
i don't wish to grow up
i don't want to turn 20!
it sounds old!
how to stop growing????

i don't know why he wants to hold my face
and i look like force to take this photo
but actually i am not

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


quite some bad days without streamyx
lousy streamyx
i went to tm point to upgrade my package
and hopefully fix my line
because the DSL is down
and this is not the first time
i already know what to do to check the line

when i reach tm point
i told the people i want to upgrade my plan
and there is technical problem with my connection
they ask me to call
therefore i call using the phone there cause my house cant even call

as usual
waited for so long for the operator to answer me
i told her all the problem
she said i must be in front of my computer
so that she can TEACH me what to do
to fix it
but the problem is
as i said
this is not the 1st time that the DSL line is down
and i know almost all the way to fix it
i realized the only way is to get a technician from them
to come over my house
to fix it
but she insist me to call from my house

what a stupid network
i already told them the problem
why cant they just send someone over to fix it
but wasting my time!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009






Sunday, November 8, 2009


went to Zenri for a japanese buffet this afternoon

the food there is really nice and fresh

rm46++ per person

from 12pm-3pm

they are not stingy in providing food

you can take as much as you want

once the food is finished

they will replace very quickly

really worth it!

cheese backed oyster, deep fried chicken drunsticks

fresh oysters




grilled chicken
the meat is still juicy
not like what i ate from other places
dry and hard

salmon and unagi

of course
there were fruits too

D.I.Y snow flake

pancake with ice creamsss

Monday, November 2, 2009


going to the end of year 2009
i think i must really plan for year 2010
to make everything more efficient
study harder
get a better result

had 2 good days in my aunty's house
bb Alysa is getting cuter and smarter

HE is sick
hopefully he will get well soon
but i think he will
cause once my aunty knew that he iss sick
she asked him to go to her house
and cook porridge for him
a bit jealous

get well soon my dear....

Monday, October 19, 2009


mid term is coming
having microeconomics paper
thursday having statistics and accounting 2
i know i am going to die for my statistics paper
because i always skip class
but it is an open book test
hopefully i can handle
accounting 2 is worse
don't really understand what is she teaching
or should say the other way
did she teach anything?

never mind
luckily no mid term for cognition
but there is a quiz after mid term week

study smart

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


yesterday night
we went to a park
and did this
we wrote our wishes on the balloons
then let it fly into the sky
i wrote 5 out of 6 balloons
i left one for him
see how good am i

went pyramid today
had lunch in ZEN
it has been a long time i never been there
but the quality of the food there still remain good

went shopping after our lunch
so long didn't go for shopping
i didn't bought much
only 3 pieces of clothes
but this can really release my stress
unagi set

mix sashimi set

fried oyster

Saturday, October 10, 2009


just finished my piano class
so i eat my brunch
my dad da bao 2 pork mee soup and a box of rice
rice with duck drumstick and some bbq pork
he ate at 2
when i go for my piano class
he left the duck drumstick for me
and a pack of noodle soup

while i was eating the drumstick
he saw
and said
"the drumstick looks so delicous"
"you want?"
"you cant finish? and the noodle soup?
[ i cant finish the noodle and i left some ]
"i cant finish, you eat la"

then he took the bowl of noodle and drumstick and eat
"i am hungry de"
" so fast? i thought u just ate?"
"i ate at two, now hungry de, cause already two hours"
"you have to eat every two hours??"

so many piano pieces to practice
and so many assignments
mid term coming soon

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


went to FUN OK in cheras for lunch today
once i enter this restaurant
i really can feel the HOME FEELING
but i only get to take pictures of one of the section
becuase the other section was closed

this is a clock!

fried chicken chop noodles

apple with grass jelly ice and jasmine tea

my chicken cheese burger

the food here taste okok only
not really nice or special
but they offer a lot of drinks
maybe next time just come here for a drinks
but not a meal
and its comfortable for meet with a gang of friends here to chat

after that we went leisure mall for a movie
while waiting for it
we went to play some video games
street fighter
* i won!
and this
i don't know what it call
table hockey??
and i won too!!

7 : 6

at night had dinner with his family
steamboat in sri petaling
and its really cheap
because rm10 per person
we ordered 5 persons for 6 of us
very full

but i am still not satisfy yet
we went pasar malam for another MEAL
i ate a lot in pasar malam
super duper full

Monday, October 5, 2009


yesterday night was quite a busy night for me
i had to go to my aunty's house, his relative's house and uncle Teh's house
i went to my aunty house for dinner
to meet up my cousins
and also Alysa
had a great time there

after that
we went to his uncle's house
which is in Cheras too
3-storeys banglow
then had k-session with his brother and also his aunty uncle

at around 11
i rushed back to sri petaling
actualy i don't feel like going there
because i know i will have nothing to do there

wheen i reached there
i went in to the dining room
my mon was there with her friends
they were drinking
what i did there?
i just sit there and keep quiet
because i got nothing to talk
then we went to 3rd floor
which is the k-floor
to sing birthday song to Jastric
the k-floor is full of their relatives
which has no place to sit
i just stand there
because i seriously don't know what could i do
i even sit on the floor
don't know what is point of going there
ya, i know
because my mom want me to go there
if she wants me to be happy
then please don't ask me to go somewhere that i don't want to go
i had good time in my aunty's house
and also his uncle house
but my mood really spoiled when i meet my mom

can you imagine that
i just stone there for hours?
what for i went there?
just to be her DRIVER.....

Friday, October 2, 2009


i did something so stupid today
i decided not to go for my piano class tomorrow
cause i have not pratice my pieces enough
is not an easy piece although only practice for one page
so i keep on thinking what excuse i can use
to tell my piano teacher
1st excuse:
tell her that i am going to my aunty's house today
cause tomorrow is tang lung festival
all my relatives there
and i am going to stay overnight there
i feel that this is a bit fake
i came out with another excuse

2nd excuse:
tell her that i am having class replacement for my college
in the afternoon
since it is about academic
which she has to force to accept
so i think this is a better excuse

just now i went for my theory class
before i left
i told her that i am not able to attend my piano practical class tomorrow
then i told her my 2nd excuse

do you know how he replied?
"what time is your class end?"
"around 4"
"then can you come at 4.30?"
"i don't think i can make it, cause i am worry about the traffic jam, it's a bit rush for me."
"oh... then you come at 5, if too rush, 5:15 or 5:30 also can."
i was stone
but i force too say OK

a very good lesson for me


Tuesday, September 29, 2009


went to 100 degree celcius steamboat for dinner
in kuchai lama
bacause of the COLD weather today
i feel like having some hot and spicy food

my all time favourite steamboat soup, TOMYAM!
i don't know why
maybe i love spicy food
he ordered fish head soup
which i think my TOMYAM soup is more suitable for steamboat
something funny when we were ordering the food
i had decided to order tomyam soup
but he had not decide yet
so he asked the waitress to recommand
" would you like to try bak kut teh soup?"
"don't want"
"herbal soup?"
"don't want"
then i help the waitress to scold him
asked people to recommand
this don't want
that don't want
better make your own decision
[ don't scold me when you read this ]

he said i don't have to put blusher
because my face is RED enough
and i found out that
steamboat not only meant to fill up our stomach
but also as a steamer
maybe i sit at the wrong position
the steam kept on blowing to my face
which i think i don't have to go for facial
after this dinner

hopefuly he enjoy the food there
the food there not really special
but quite fresh and good environment

last but not least
my favourite drinks
i fall in love with it since the first time i drink
acutally i prefer to drink hot tiramisu
but then the food is too hot and spicy
so i have to drink a cold one
to cold me down