Tuesday, September 29, 2009


went to 100 degree celcius steamboat for dinner
in kuchai lama
bacause of the COLD weather today
i feel like having some hot and spicy food

my all time favourite steamboat soup, TOMYAM!
i don't know why
maybe i love spicy food
he ordered fish head soup
which i think my TOMYAM soup is more suitable for steamboat
something funny when we were ordering the food
i had decided to order tomyam soup
but he had not decide yet
so he asked the waitress to recommand
" would you like to try bak kut teh soup?"
"don't want"
"herbal soup?"
"don't want"
then i help the waitress to scold him
asked people to recommand
this don't want
that don't want
better make your own decision
[ don't scold me when you read this ]

he said i don't have to put blusher
because my face is RED enough
and i found out that
steamboat not only meant to fill up our stomach
but also as a steamer
maybe i sit at the wrong position
the steam kept on blowing to my face
which i think i don't have to go for facial
after this dinner

hopefuly he enjoy the food there
the food there not really special
but quite fresh and good environment

last but not least
my favourite drinks
i fall in love with it since the first time i drink
acutally i prefer to drink hot tiramisu
but then the food is too hot and spicy
so i have to drink a cold one
to cold me down

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