Monday, October 19, 2009


mid term is coming
having microeconomics paper
thursday having statistics and accounting 2
i know i am going to die for my statistics paper
because i always skip class
but it is an open book test
hopefully i can handle
accounting 2 is worse
don't really understand what is she teaching
or should say the other way
did she teach anything?

never mind
luckily no mid term for cognition
but there is a quiz after mid term week

study smart

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


yesterday night
we went to a park
and did this
we wrote our wishes on the balloons
then let it fly into the sky
i wrote 5 out of 6 balloons
i left one for him
see how good am i

went pyramid today
had lunch in ZEN
it has been a long time i never been there
but the quality of the food there still remain good

went shopping after our lunch
so long didn't go for shopping
i didn't bought much
only 3 pieces of clothes
but this can really release my stress
unagi set

mix sashimi set

fried oyster

Saturday, October 10, 2009


just finished my piano class
so i eat my brunch
my dad da bao 2 pork mee soup and a box of rice
rice with duck drumstick and some bbq pork
he ate at 2
when i go for my piano class
he left the duck drumstick for me
and a pack of noodle soup

while i was eating the drumstick
he saw
and said
"the drumstick looks so delicous"
"you want?"
"you cant finish? and the noodle soup?
[ i cant finish the noodle and i left some ]
"i cant finish, you eat la"

then he took the bowl of noodle and drumstick and eat
"i am hungry de"
" so fast? i thought u just ate?"
"i ate at two, now hungry de, cause already two hours"
"you have to eat every two hours??"

so many piano pieces to practice
and so many assignments
mid term coming soon

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


went to FUN OK in cheras for lunch today
once i enter this restaurant
i really can feel the HOME FEELING
but i only get to take pictures of one of the section
becuase the other section was closed

this is a clock!

fried chicken chop noodles

apple with grass jelly ice and jasmine tea

my chicken cheese burger

the food here taste okok only
not really nice or special
but they offer a lot of drinks
maybe next time just come here for a drinks
but not a meal
and its comfortable for meet with a gang of friends here to chat

after that we went leisure mall for a movie
while waiting for it
we went to play some video games
street fighter
* i won!
and this
i don't know what it call
table hockey??
and i won too!!

7 : 6

at night had dinner with his family
steamboat in sri petaling
and its really cheap
because rm10 per person
we ordered 5 persons for 6 of us
very full

but i am still not satisfy yet
we went pasar malam for another MEAL
i ate a lot in pasar malam
super duper full

Monday, October 5, 2009


yesterday night was quite a busy night for me
i had to go to my aunty's house, his relative's house and uncle Teh's house
i went to my aunty house for dinner
to meet up my cousins
and also Alysa
had a great time there

after that
we went to his uncle's house
which is in Cheras too
3-storeys banglow
then had k-session with his brother and also his aunty uncle

at around 11
i rushed back to sri petaling
actualy i don't feel like going there
because i know i will have nothing to do there

wheen i reached there
i went in to the dining room
my mon was there with her friends
they were drinking
what i did there?
i just sit there and keep quiet
because i got nothing to talk
then we went to 3rd floor
which is the k-floor
to sing birthday song to Jastric
the k-floor is full of their relatives
which has no place to sit
i just stand there
because i seriously don't know what could i do
i even sit on the floor
don't know what is point of going there
ya, i know
because my mom want me to go there
if she wants me to be happy
then please don't ask me to go somewhere that i don't want to go
i had good time in my aunty's house
and also his uncle house
but my mood really spoiled when i meet my mom

can you imagine that
i just stone there for hours?
what for i went there?
just to be her DRIVER.....

Friday, October 2, 2009


i did something so stupid today
i decided not to go for my piano class tomorrow
cause i have not pratice my pieces enough
is not an easy piece although only practice for one page
so i keep on thinking what excuse i can use
to tell my piano teacher
1st excuse:
tell her that i am going to my aunty's house today
cause tomorrow is tang lung festival
all my relatives there
and i am going to stay overnight there
i feel that this is a bit fake
i came out with another excuse

2nd excuse:
tell her that i am having class replacement for my college
in the afternoon
since it is about academic
which she has to force to accept
so i think this is a better excuse

just now i went for my theory class
before i left
i told her that i am not able to attend my piano practical class tomorrow
then i told her my 2nd excuse

do you know how he replied?
"what time is your class end?"
"around 4"
"then can you come at 4.30?"
"i don't think i can make it, cause i am worry about the traffic jam, it's a bit rush for me."
"oh... then you come at 5, if too rush, 5:15 or 5:30 also can."
i was stone
but i force too say OK

a very good lesson for me