Wednesday, October 7, 2009


went to FUN OK in cheras for lunch today
once i enter this restaurant
i really can feel the HOME FEELING
but i only get to take pictures of one of the section
becuase the other section was closed

this is a clock!

fried chicken chop noodles

apple with grass jelly ice and jasmine tea

my chicken cheese burger

the food here taste okok only
not really nice or special
but they offer a lot of drinks
maybe next time just come here for a drinks
but not a meal
and its comfortable for meet with a gang of friends here to chat

after that we went leisure mall for a movie
while waiting for it
we went to play some video games
street fighter
* i won!
and this
i don't know what it call
table hockey??
and i won too!!

7 : 6

at night had dinner with his family
steamboat in sri petaling
and its really cheap
because rm10 per person
we ordered 5 persons for 6 of us
very full

but i am still not satisfy yet
we went pasar malam for another MEAL
i ate a lot in pasar malam
super duper full

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