Wednesday, July 6, 2011


it has been quite some time since i updated my blog
has been really busy recently
hectic semester!
taking business law 1 , MIS and Skills and Strats
not easy task
have piles of assignments to do
and only get to take 3 subjects next semester
not able to take as i planned
i don't think i can convo next year
will see how
hopefully everything will goes smoothly

Monday, May 30, 2011

Trial on sewing machine

Try using aunty's sewing machine
Very nice to use
Much more easier than mine
Maybe I shall buy a new one instead
Maybe a second hand one
I dont mind
As long as it is easy to handle it

My trial on the sewing machine
Not bad!
At least quite neat

Thursday, May 26, 2011


i love reading this type of book
to know what happened in the past
especially the china history
no one know exactly what happened in the past
unless we can go back to the time we want

Monday, May 9, 2011


having almost two weeks holidays
almost forgot that i am having two papers this coming tuesday
and they are my only final papers this semester
and i realize that
sitting down to study is much more harder than doing assignments
because u need a 100% concentration to study
you can finish one long report within a day
but not for exams

it is mother's day today
and as expected
 i know she will not like my handmade iPhone like phone pouch
it is cheap and not branded at all
i knew it
and it is expected
for her
maybe she just think that i simply make something to entertain her
but she will never know how much effort i put
so many lessons learnt but still i am trying again
never mind
promise myself
no more next time
meaning it is a must for me to buy something expensive
for every birthday and special days as well

working hard for our small business
the casings 
and also my handmade craft
but seriously no time for the craft yet
but there will be more and more products coming for the handmade craft 
after my finals

good night,
i shall sleep now
and study hard tomorrow

Saturday, May 7, 2011


walking around Mid Valley yesterday night
looking for mother's day present
can't find any
so maybe stick back to my handmade phone pouch
we had a great night at Mid Valley

we went Italiannies for dinner

this is our all time favourite
the vinegar!
not the bread
we love the vinegar as it is different from the normal one

here goes the starter
forgot the name
don't know what platter
very yummy but quite big portion for the 2 of us

this is the cheese mushroom ball
very nice if u dip with the tomato sauce

beef bacon carbonara
can you see how much Bacon they put?

the chicken marsala
creamy sauce with spaghetti as well
we were a bit regret to order both carbonara and this chicken marsala
because both serve the similar sauce
this was the first time we went for dinner
normally we went for the lunch set
the portion not so big
so we almost took away half of each plate

suppose to go Overtime with Ivan and Lily
but it was FULL
so we went Library to study, loll
i know it might sound very kampung
but it was the first time i been to Library and place like this
without my parents
and i get the chance to drink! winks*

and now
i wake up this early
\don't know why can't sleep

this is my another handmade craft
a key pouch!
for my love one
because he complains that i make so many handcraft
which one is for him
so i make this fat cow for him


Saturday, April 30, 2011


done with all the assignments, finally!
one more week to finals
only two papers
hopefully  i can score

have been busy with my small business
iphone casings and also starting to do some handmade craft
have done a iphone design pouch and a camera like tissue pouch
these are my experiment
of course i will do better for my orders
hopefully more and more orders coming ! =)

Monday, April 18, 2011


finally done most of the assignments
left only one quiz, one presentation, and one report
but the report is the most headache one
only started one points
seriously not easy to do
wish me luck

shall start the rest tomorrow

good nite,


Friday, April 15, 2011


this is an assignment month
quizzes were all over
only one left for risk management
but it is okay
i only have to memorize them all

talking about assignment
i feel that i am quite efficiency and productive
i finish my IFM report
and also my Research Proposal Draft for Psychology of Disaster
although i only do some parts of it
since it is a group assignment
but i have explore to something new!
the first time writing an introduction, materials and data analysis
i think this is a very good practice before my senior project

and something really bother my heart
i think i was too geh boh
till i almost mess it up
and cause some misunderstanding
i feel guilty

you might be reading this
but seriously
we never force you in making any decision
we just provide you opinions based on what you told us
of what you want to be
no matte what decision you made
we will always support you
it is not a big deal to work at this age
it is all your wish
sorry that we had worsen it when we are trying to help
hope you can understand all these

don't always think that your plan is unusual and no one is supporting you
just that you never calm yourself and listen to the others


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


really like her drama, very funny!
no matter how many times i watch,
i will still laugh like crazy!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


went macau last week
will update about the trip once i am free
maybe in May?
march is a quiz month
then i can say that april is an assignment
so many assignments due in April
hopefully i can finish then all
with quality
really worrying about the assignments

only left malaysia for 3 days
so many things happened
hopefully my friends are alright
just follow their heart
do whatever they want
and no regret for their life.....

Friday, March 18, 2011


Alysa is admitted to the hopsital
due to fever and lungs infection
me and kelvin visited her yesterday
aunty was there to take care of her

pity her for falling sick again
she is thinner now
she has nth into her stomach for already one day
her hands and legs were shivering
when she woke up
she felt better
and want to do some drawing
had great time with her

after a while
my aunty say let her go to the play room
at least for her walk
she was not able to walk properly at first
as noted
because of her empty stomach with medicine
when we were about to go back to the wad
aunty went to take her water bottle
me and kelvin were there to look after her
who knows she just felt down
her face facing down
she cried loudly
we quickly carried her
her mouth bleed!
really scare me
i carry her back to the wad
the nurse brought her ice cube
after about 3 minutes
she stopped crying
and want to do some drawing again
nurse called doctor
worry that she knocked her head or what
looking at her swollen lip
i felt extremely guilty
i know i am not the one who make her felt down
but i did not take good care of her
when the nurse treating her with ice cube
i almost faint
i hardly breath and feel like vomited
hopefully she can recover soon

it is seriously not easy to take care of a child!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


i am suppose to study for quiz
for psychology of disaster
but i m fb-ing
Iphone is a distracting device
(JoJoan 2011)
then facebook is an distracting website
so many assignment not done yet
i should say not even started yet
going to die from next week onwards
hopefully i can cope with that

feel sad about the tsunami and earthquake in Japan

pray for Japan
hopefully everything will be alright

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Officially 21 years old!!!

thanks to kelvin's parents for this last minute order cake
it was yummy
=chocolate banana=

my daddy

mom and dad were wearing white
me and kelvin wearing red
it was coincidentally

aunty julia
got a big present from her
thanks a lot!

my nanny
treat me just like her daughter
i am sure that
you can't find any nanny better than her nowadays!

my cousin - - yee ting
her make up skill is far more better than me!

amy wong
the ever young manager in the restaurant

my big sister
it is not easy to invite to this kind of occasion

my 3rd sister
always ask me out to eat
and she know where to get nice food very well

aunty mary
the best mother-in-law i ever seen
she is a very patient lady
no temper at all
she loves shopping and beauty

dai gu and grandma of hue gie
dai gu always cook a lot of food whenever we go to her house
she will prepare
sweet soup
and "leong sui"
that is why i am hardly diet

jasric and hue gie

uncle teh
who never admit that he is an uncle
and he is 50 year old
although he is the father of 3
and the eldest son is already 24 years old

brands from yion and raymond!
this is lovely and i really need it a lot!

Burberry bag

poney watch by Kelvin

crystal bracelet from
nichol and jasric

folli folli bangle from aunty mary

key from my aunty!

travel pouch from vicky

t-shirt from alvin and ah yee

Sunday, March 6, 2011


this is the 2nd time i am celebrating my birthday at Traders Hotel
but it is slightly different this year
because i celebrated with my aunty
and her family

kelvin got Alysa this chocolate biscuit
she was so happy
and if you want to eat
you can only eat the part
without chocolate
but at last
she can we can eat a little bit
"zhi ke yi chi yi dian dian oh"
she will look at you while you are biting
to make sure you only bite yi dian dian

and she has chocolate all over her mouth

and her teeth!

she was so proud of her chocolate mouth!

cake specially made by kelvin's friend
she was on leave on that day
but thanks her for making us such a delicous cake

aunty and I
her birthday is just one day after me
so we celebrated together

and she got me the diamond key
thank you!


Friday, March 4, 2011

Damansara village

writing on the cake
this is rum and raisin ice cream cake
made by kelvin's parents
and the design is so lovely
just like a gift
it is actually purple in color
with pink hearts

this is fried dumpling
the dumpling was wrapped with prawns only
very fresh and yummy!

pig neck meat
i think this is what they called
it taste so good!
not too soft nor hard

Cou Gai
this is their home rear chicken
once the chicken is grown
they just keep it in the cage
so there size will not be big

paper wrapped chicken
it taste so good
and the meat was so smooth

i must really recommend this
the clam with red wine

the steamboat
a normal steamboat cost rm18.80 per person
and this is the soup with chinese wine
there were quite a lot of ingredients in it
it has clams and prawns
the four of us can't finish all
we only ordered for 2 persons and other side dishes

oh ya
this was the surprise
kelvin told me that he went toilet
after so long
i thought he was there doing BIG BUSINESS
who knows he came in with roses!
he is better in lying now

the lovely cake

make a wish
make a wish
i just wish that i can away from medicine
i just want a healthy life

thanks for everything

thanks ah bing for treating us a meal
and thanks Ken too!