Friday, February 26, 2010


just realize that i can actually do things very fast
almost complete my entreprenuership presentation slides
left some animation effects and some info
procastination is killing me
i should start everything earlier
but i keep on procastinate
i think most of the students now facing this problem
i am not the only one =)

suddenly felt so many things to do
-research method
*group presentation
*5 individual literature review

*group presentation
*mid term

* presentation

*group presentation and report

IELTS test is coming
i can do it!
*hypnotizing myself

it's already 04:18 now
good night people

Wednesday, February 24, 2010



chinese new year eve today! hoho.... we had reunion dinner together with uncles aunties and cousins, we had a really "rich" dinner

we had duck, chicken, pork, HUGE prawns, seacucumber

yummy seacucumber

the most important dishes
is our "SEI WUI YAN" ( 四会人) traditional dishes
must have this on every important day!
many of you might not be familiar with this kind of people
even myself also don't know my own dialect at all
as everyone knows that i don't know how to cook
but mommy insist to remind me how to cook this dishes
she said i must know this
so i remembered all the ingredients and way to cook

full house of the day!


the first day of chinese new year! gong hei fatt choy!! woke up at 8 in the morning, follow mommy and uncle teh's family went to old folks home to give away angpao... then only i realize that even an old folks home also have their "angpao giving system", have to start from a specific side and bed, cause they put a box on their bed, then we just put the angpao for each of them into the box

of course not to forget, its valentine's day today! he came to my restaurant at 10 something, then we head to mid valley for our movie, "72 tenants of prosperity" to SEE my Lam Fung, hahaha.... but i was too tire, i fall asleep almost at the end of the show, sorry my dear that i fall asleep, but nothing sweeter than the chocolates, really appreciate!
his handmade chocolate
black+white chocolate with strawberry fillings...


its "chor" 8 today! we "bai tian gong" at uncle teh's house, so many people there, luckily the house is big enough... adults were busy gamble and drinks and eat, children all run here and there....

i must pray to win more
haven even win a cent since the first day of chinese new year
till today

fireworks all around

me and kelvin and my friend ah kei
standing at the balcony (3rd floor)
to see fireworks all around the area
nice view point!

Friday, February 19, 2010

they care each other

daddy was admitted to the hospital
don't worry
just for medical check up

it's 23:23 now
mommy just went out to hospital
to take towel for him
she knows his habit
she knows he needs it
although it is late now
but mommy just bring it for him now
just in case he wants to use it

( the distance from my house to hospital is only 10 minutes)

she just came back
once she heard that he needs a towel
she just bring it for him
she can bring it tomorrow morning when she goes out
but she said he might need it now

although it is near
but i can see the cares in between
they care each other
just they don't say it out

Thursday, February 11, 2010


a friend of my mom having some psychological disorders since at least 20 years ago, i don't know which type he belongs to, to me, i think he has a very low self-esteem....

he loves to gamble when he was young, and he is very bad temper man, he gambled till he lose a lot of money, till the wife divorce with him, and children refuse to stay with him. i don't really know the story in detail, as I know, there was once, he went for a dental, his daughter working there, when he was registering, the daughter ask him what is his name, can you imagine? the daughter act like a stranger and ask the father for his name, i think it shown how much she hate him....

due to family problem, he has some disorders and has to visit psychologist often. now, he has a GIRLFRIEND, they were together for around 8 years, this lady has 2 son, and they both got married and have children too. they lady is a very nice and soft person, i never see her talk loudly or scold anyone, this uncle found a really good wife this time...

the sons of this lady respect this uncle, and they are happy that their mom have someone to accompany, they treat him very well, when he got operation, they planned everything for him, and cook nutritious food for him, the grandchildren are calling him grandpa.....

but now, the uncle always want to sell his house and balik kampung, and seperate with this lady, he says that this lady always go to his son's house for dinner, go shopping with her daughter-in-law, he feels very lonely. this uncle refuse to go to the son's house with this lady, he always said that they are her son, not his.....this and that.....

and i notice that, everytime he said he want to balik kampung and seperate with this lady, is because he feels self-comtempt..... when this lady's son opening a new dim sum shop, bought an expensive car for this lady, decorate the house and renovate a little bit for chinese new year without using his money.....

he would think:
"why my children don't treat me like how they treat me?"
"they are not my children, they are hers"
"she can live better without me"

my mom and other friends said that this uncle think a lot, don't understand why he want to think that much this and that, for me, i think that we can't use our perception to look at his problems.... yes, for us, he is really think too much, but don't forget, he got depression, if he can think the way we think, he won't get depression right?

i understand his feelings, cause i used to think a lot last time, and had all the negative thoughts, till i lose something that is really important, i regret... we must really appreciate what we are having now, because, at the end, we are the one who suffer....

no one can help him, only himself, if he don't try to step out from the frame, his life would just end this way... same to anyone, and i tried really hard to do this, even now...

because, i don't want to lose anyone anymore....

Sunday, February 7, 2010


went pavillion for the first screening of 14 blades
one of the actor
WU ZHUN was there to watch the movie with us
but too bad
there were 3 hall screening this movie
he was only sitting in hall 2 and 3
I got the ticket for hall 4
but still got to see him before the movie started

can you see him?
actually i could see him very clearly
but my phone can't take that clear for this distance

yesteraday i was surprised with this bouquet of flower
pre-valentine's day present from Kelvin

and i got this lovely bracelet today from him too....
what will i get next?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


it is 0226 now
and i haven't sleep yet
sutyding for CFM for tomorrow quiz
suppose to finish it earlier
but i don't know why i keep playing games
that's why i am still awake now
the quiz is only 10 marks
but all short answer and calculation
and 10 marks is important!
if i lose 10 marks
my A is gone
(although it is difficult for me to get an A)
study hard
study smart
is not easy

oh ya
had new hair cut again last sunday (yesterday)
even shorter now
99.99% looks like a boy i think
don't be shock when you see me