Monday, December 29, 2008


if i had to live my life without you near me
the days would all be empty
the nights would seem so long
with you i see forever oh so clearly
i might have been in love before
but it never felt this strong
our dreams are young and we both know
they'll take us where we want to go
hold me now touch me now
i don't want to live without you

nothing's gonna change my love you for you
you oughta know by now how much i love you
one thing you can be sure of
i never ask for more than your love
nothing's gonna change my love for you
you oughta know by now how much i love you
you'll only chang my whole life throug but
nothing's gonna chang my love for you

if the road ahead is not so easy
our love will lead a way for us
like a guiding star
i'll be there for you if you should need me
you don't have change a thing
i love you just the way you are
so come with me and share the view
i'll help you see forever too
hold me now touch me now
i don't want to live without you


I know just how to whisper and I know just how to cry.
I know just where to find the answers and I know just how to lie.
I know just how to fake it and I know just how to scheme.
I know just when to face the truth and then I know just when to dream.
And I know just where to touch you and I know just what to prove.
I know when to pull you closer and I know when to let you loose.
And I know the night is fading. And I know the time's gonna fly.
And I'm never gonna tell you everything I gotta tell you,
But I know I've got to give it a try.
And I know the roads to riches. And I know the ways to pain.
I know all the rules and then I know how to break 'em
And I always know the name of the game.
But I don't know how to leave you and I'll never let you fall.
And I don't know how you do it, making love out of nothing at all.
(Making love) Out of nothing at all.
(Making love) Out of nothing at all.
(Making love) Out of nothing at all.
(Making love) Out of nothing at all.
(Making love) Out of nothing at all.
(Making love) Out of nothing at all.

Everytime I see you well the rays of the
sun are all streaming through the waves
in your hair.
And every star in the sky is taking aim
at your eyes like a spotlight.
The beating of my heart is a drum and it's lost and it's looking for a rhythm like you.
You can take the darkness from the deep of the night,
And turn it to a beacon burning endlessly bright.

I gotta follow it cause everything I know
Well, it's nothing 'til I give it to you

I can make you run or stumble. I can make the final clock.
And I can make every tackle at the sound of the whistle.
And I can make all the stadiums rock.
I can make the night forever or I can make it disappear by the dawn.
And I can make you every promise that's ever been made.
And I can make all your demons be gone.
But I'm never gonna make it without you.
Do you really wanna see me crawl?
And I'm never gonna make it like you do,
Making love out of nothing at all.

(Making love) Out of nothing at all.
(Making love) Out of nothing at all.
(Making love) Out of nothing at all.
(Making love) Out of nothing at all.
(Making love) Out of nothing at all.
(Making love) Out of nothing at all.
(Making love) Out of nothing at all.

(Making love) Out of nothing at all.
(Making love) Out of nothing at all.
(Making love) Out of nothing at all.
(Making love) Out of nothing at all.
(Making love) Out of nothing at all.
(Making love) Out of nothing at all.
(Making love) Out of nothing at all.
(Making love) Out of nothing at all.
(Making love)
(Making love)
(Making love) Out of nothing at all.
(Making love) Out of nothing at all.
(Making love) Out of nothing at all.
(Making love)
(Making love)
(Making love)
(Making love)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


DAY 1 (20/12/08) -- Saturday
stayed in my aunty's house on friday, , woke up early in the morning, wait for my cousin sister then we start our journey, we drove 2 cars, we stopped at one of the resting area to take our breakfast, we took in one of the malay stall. i dono why i oways say the wrong things and made everyone laugh....
aunty: get me some toothpicks...
vickie: (stand up) do malays use toothpick?
cousin sis: malay got no teeth ah?
vickie: =S
and i made everyone laugh, till the end of the journey, still they were laughing at me. when we reached singapore, my cousin's husband asked the ppl in the custom the way to our hotel, BUT, the ppl gave us some missing info, we TRAVELLED SINGAPORE HIGHWAY one cousin called the hotel to get the right direction and finally we got to it. we went out for our lunch in a place but i cant remember the name de, the meal is nice but is so expensive, it cost us SGD180, which is RM432!!! its a japanese coffee house, but the food there not bad la, just the price even nicer... we went orchard road, it was so crowded there, hardly walk, so we just stay there for a while, my aunty keep on going to baby shop to find clothes for her grandchild, Alysa, a 6-month baby... she got her own 'CAR', so she just sleep and eat, don have to walk, wish i can be like her.

DAY 2 ( 21/12/08) --- Sunday
woke up at 9 sth in the morning, went for a breakfast, half boiled egg, bread and coffee, then went for a shopping mall, theres a big fountain, which is the biggest in the world, my cousin bro took pics with his wife there, me, my cousin sis, her husband and alysa went in the shopping mall to look for baby clothes, the clothes are so cute. after that, we checked out from the hotel then went to sentosa, we watched pink dolphin show and aquarium, the fishes are so huge, we took a double decker bus to go to the aquarium from the dolphin show, we were so excited, we took pics and talks, i sit at the side, who noes theres a tree which is too big, the leaves smash my face, luckily not sharp, but everyone laugh at me, say i dono how to avoid, cos ppl sit at the front, no one get the smash.... since then, i kept my face down... then, we went in johor to find my the other 3 aunties, i followed my cousin's sis car, i dare not to talk from singapore to johor, cos the baby was sleeping, if wake her up, she will cry non stop, we only whisper. we took dinner in my 2nd aunty's house, then went to my 3rd aunty's house, my 3rd and 4th aunty stay just beside each other with one house in between, we sleep in my 3rd aunty's hosue, they play mahjong in my 4th aunty's house cos the baby was sleeping, i sleeping in the living room with my younger sis, we talked till we fall asleep....

DAY 3 ( 22/12/08) --- Monday
went out for breakfast, then went for a shopping mall... my younger sis(ting) called her sis(chin) out, cos it has been a long time we din c each other, then she brought the son out oso, Lucas, he is super duper cute, but super duper active oso, he cant stay in his baby cart for more than one minute except if you keep on moving the baby cart, once he is on the ground, he will run everywhere, but i like his smiley face, and he is so adorable, his face oways look innocent... later, me, ting and chin went to buy sushi, cos the others were eating in a restaurant, when we back, chin's mom said lucas was sick, got to c doctor, so they left, but she gave me a bo of sushi, asked me to eat in the car, after that, we were back to kl....

thats the end of my journey to singapore, its a memorable and funny trip, there are a lot of laughters and funs...

Sunday, December 14, 2008




我们的爱 -- F.I.R

眼泪啊永远不再 不再哭泣
我们的爱 过了就不再回来
直到现在 我还默默的等待
我们的爱 我明白 已变成你的负担
只是永远 我都放不开
最后的温暖 Ah~~~~ 你给的温暖


tagged by : Dear Ms. Jess Lim Yu Hui

The rules:
-Link to your tagger and post these rules.

*List 8 random facts about yourself and tag 8 people.

1. fair
2. noisy
4. talkative
5. brown hair
6. fat
7. moderate height
8. nail arts

1. Jennifer
2. Jess
3. Victor
4. Nicholas Chow
5. Yion
6. Jojo
7. Ting Ting
8. Choy Yie

-Name: Foong Weng Kee (Vickie)
-Name you wish you had: i like my name.... =)
-What do people normally your name as: weng weng, kee kee, ah kee, 'weeng kei'(my high school's frens will noe what i mean =] )
-Birthday: 9th Mac
-Bitrhplace: Kuala Lumpur
-Time of birth: morning i think.....
-Single or taken: single n available
-Zodiac sign: Pisces

-H0w tall are you: 163cm
-Wish you were taller: i m satisfied with my height....
-Eye colour: black
-Current hair color: brown, copper....
-Short or long hair: short
-Ever dye your hair a bizarre color: nope
-Last time you did something dramatic with you hair: dye brown and copper and cut it short...
-Glasses or contact: neither
-Do you were make up: concealer is a must....
-Paint your nails: yup

*In a opposite gender
-What color eye: blaack
-What color hair: as long as suite him....
-Shy or outgoing: outgoing
-Serious or fun: depands on the situation
-Older or younger than you: older is a must or same age...
-A turn on: ??
-A turn off: ??

*This and That
-Flowers or chocolates: chocolates
-Pepsi or coke: neither
-Rap or rock: rap
-Relationship or one night stand: relationship
-School or work: school
-Love or money: i wan both! [greedy]
-Movie or music: music
-Country or city: city
-Sunny or rainy days: rainy days...
-Friends or family: how to choose????!!!

*Have you ever
-Lie: if i say no, this is a lie....
-Stole something: when i was small....
-Smoked: no and never
-Hurt someone close to you: yes
-Broke someone's heart: yes
-Had you heart broken: yes, even now...
-Wonder what was wrong with you: yes, and i noe i m so wrong now....
-Wish you were prince or princess: nope, cos i wan freedom....
-Like someone who was taken: no
-Shaved your head: what for?
-Used chopstick: of course
-Sang in the mirror to yourself: nope

-Flower: lavender [waiting]
-Candy: mentos, lolipop
-Song: love songs....
-Scent: not too heavy ones
-Color: blue
-Movie: ---
-Singer: raymond lam fung!
-Junk food: as well as nice....
-Website: blog, facebook, youtube, friendster
-Location: study room
-Animal: ----
-Ever cried over someone: yes and oways....
-Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself: my stupid choices that oways make me regret and sad, wish i m wiser in making choices...
-Do you think you're attractive: have to ask my frens....
-If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose: sleeping beauty, wish i can nvr wake up....

Sunday, November 30, 2008


收藏在眼眸 常徘徊左右 爱猜到没有
愉快玩笑後 能全然退後 你开心就够
这种感觉太亲厚 讲一千句也不够
假使讲了你听到後 或会走
这种恋爱太罕有 不须真正拥有
成全 衷心祝福然後 就放手
放手 放开所有 彼此更自由
放手 其实我绝非爱得不够
放手 豁出所有 还有这个好友
已经 已经足够

遥远是宇宙 静静在背後 去看守就够
这种感觉太亲厚 讲一千句也不够
即使一刹有过冲动 挽你手
这种恋爱太罕有 不须真正拥有
成全 多舍不得仍然 是放手

放手 放开所有 彼此更自由
放手 其实我绝非爱得不够
放手 豁出所有 还有这个好友
已经 已经足够

放手 我的牵挂 找不到尽头
放手 期望你幸福甚麽都有
也许 爱很深厚 然而我早看得透
放手 至可拥有


have been study for finals these few days, really tired, and feel bored, and dont really have the initiative to study anymore.... dono who created exam, make us suffer only....

few days ago, my mom told me how her frens earn in UK, around 300 pounds per week, and asked me to study in UK, then she works there, i tell her my program only can transfer to US but not any other country, cos this is american degree program, then she ask me to change, what does she mean by the word CHANGE? change the country or change my course? i dono... i know she don support me for what i am studying now, for her, psychology got no future, cant earn a lot, but i am taking double degree, not only psychology, why cant she understand me? what is the definationg of earning a lot? sometimes she really hurts me a lot, its like so easy for her to change a course, but she never see the effort that i put for my studies, she will only tell me, who and who earn how much in somewhere, why dont u take that course? whats the future for psychology? thats the only thing i got from her....

i really feel stress.... everyone say psychology is a good subject to study, but she is the only one that disagree? worry that i will become psycho? or no future? low income?

i still remember what she told me for my last sememster, when i tried my best to do the insect collection, she said, just simply do, as well as got things to pass up then can de, haha, a mom ask the daughter simply do her work, because of her words, i even cried at that nite, i feel so hurt, why cant she support me? she said that was to reduce my pressure or telling me she is not supporting me?

i know i shudnt think so much, but everything seems like out of my ocntrol, i cant control my life, i only hope i can choose my life...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

你最近还好吗? ---- S.H.E

地址写的是心底 你能不能收到它
天有点冷 风有点大 城市宁静而喧哗
你最近还好吗 是不是也在思念里挣扎
你说会记得我 还记得吗
忙碌吗累吗 心还会痛吗

昨天远了 明天还长 回忆模糊但巨大
你最近还好吗 是不是也在思念里挣扎
你说会记得我 还记得吗
忙碌吗累吗 心还会痛吗
你最近还好吗 是不是也在思念里挣扎
你说会记得我 还记得吗
忙碌吗累吗 心还会痛吗

Friday, November 28, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008


finally the gmc is over, although there are some problems in between, but still consider ok i think, when the concert goes to the 3rd performance, the crowd started to leave, due to the break down of the air-cond, it is too hot, half of the ppl gone! luckily there are still ppl coming so the condition is not too bad, i thinik if the air-cond is working, this will be more successful, but the problem is, some of our gmc ppl didnt stop the ppl from leaving but follow them to go back, this is really bad, our intercultural comm class got around 100 ppl i think, but not even half of the ppl stay till the end....

my booth was doing cultural bout SPAIN, i went to carissa's house to meet her cos she have to carry a lot of things, we started to set up our booth when we were there at around 8, we rented the spainish costume, but non of us willing to wear it, but nick was so brave that he wore the costume, at 1st non of us wan to wear the female costume, but after i saw jean wore it, actually nth oso, so i just try, the costume is red in color with a black belt, make me look even fairer, i even wore kimono to take pics in the japanese booth, and some of the other booths did wear their culture costume, but too bad, today is saturday, no classes, oly got one class i think, so no ppl come to c our booths, wait till around 5, ppl started to come for the concert, then oly got ppl, but then we started to packed de....

once i wear the costume, took many pics with many ppl, haha, maybe the costume is special, but the weather is so hot, make me sweat from morning till the end, we got the sponsers for make up and hair stylist, for the performers, i got to go up to the stage with nick with our costume for the lucky draw part, so we have to make up, but at the end, the program changed, so i don need to go up to the stage, thanks god... i bought the man jiang hong's album and get their autograft for the poster and album, and took pic with them, the pic is a bit blur, but nvm la....

after all the performances done, we got the dance time, everyone enjoy there, and sweat, my make up al gone, even my marscara and eyeliner all dirty my face oso i don care de, just enjoy there, although oly left quite few of us there, but still the environ ment was high, everything ended at around 12, my leg and back so pain, and i think i wear high heels for too long and not use to it, till my left knee cant really bent, and my eyes is so tire now.... i think have to stop here, pics will be uploaded when i got them from my frens....

Friday, October 31, 2008


finally i have done the board for the word SPAIN, for my gmc booth, so tire now, my back is so pain, i have been sitting on floor for 6 hours, now i feel so good that i can sit on a chair, hahaha... 2 more days to gmc, hope everything goes smoothly...
do till my room so messyfinally i have done! i folded the rose and leaves! =)

Thursday, October 23, 2008


again i slept at 4 something yesterday night, made me so sleepy the whole day, want to drink black coffee but coffee was sold out, haihz.... intercultural comm is so boring today, just discussed bout the gmc thingy, if i know i sure wont go college today, just sit there listened to their updates for 3 hrs, i also dono how i did it.....

wanna sleep when i reached home, but then got things to do, cant sleep, i faster go take my bath to keep myself awake, and till now, i don really feel that sleepy, one thing keep on pop out in my mind, PIANO! i dono y keep on thinking bout piano, want to play piano, but now is omost mid nite, i don wan to get complain from the others..... dono why my house getting more mosquitoes, bite my legs till so itchy, hate them! make sure no scars on my leg, or not no more shorts and skirts in the future....

gmc is just around the corner, have to rush de, my SPAIN booth haven start yet, only done the slide shows i think(caress did it, we just arrange the info), we still have to draw the flag out, cos if print in poster size, it may not be clear, i think its time to show my talent, the artistic side of me, hahahah, hope i don spoilt the flag....

our beloved miss chee wei... =)

Saturday, October 18, 2008


today went to college to let them try out the drinks and do the menu board, each of us draw one and use crayon to paint, not bad, hahahah.... chee wei write the cost of salad wrongly, it suppose to be RM2.00, but he wrote RM2.50, then he decided to put a cross there, assume that it is a big promotion for the salad, SMART!! hahaha

meet him again when i went to see the opening ceremony of the m.a.d showcase, i saw him standing there then i walk towards him, i feel that i am braver now, cos i talked to him, and even yesterday oso, we were in the same lift, only both of us, but i don feel that panic anymore, my heartbeats much more normal than the 1st time i saw him, when i saw him sitting alone at the cafeteria, i even sit beside him and talk to him, i think i got improved.... =)

Thursday, October 16, 2008


today is the 1st day of our marketing event, mr.lee ask us to be there b4 9am but when i reached there, only saw yancy there, and we waited so long only the others reached, the event started at 11am, there are several booths selling different things, and group only promoting the event, so we just did the banner and posters, and try to get people to go there and buy things, but we dint, we just walk around and record, its quite crowded but maybe is due to the small place.... mr.lee wan me to pass around the attendance list for the students to sign, make me looked like a class monitor, and wan me to pass around the mid term mark list for them to c, but have to make sure i don lost it, so i have wait infront of their booth till they finished checking their marks then pass to the next booth, what a boring job i m doing the whole morning...

chelsie and the group lecture motivation in psychology class, they are so well prepared and good in presenting, ms sham gave them full marks and plus 1 mark extra, emm.... must learn from them, the technique for presentation, ahaha....

one thing i learnt in the accounting class is never mark this guy's paper, i dont wan to mention his name, we mark the mid term paper, and this guy, ask me why i mark his wrong for one question, then i checked the answer, i dint mark wrong, he say why the others mark correct but i mark him wrong, you know what he wrote? the answer is accrued service revenue, but he wrote service revenue only, so is that correct? NO! he said they are the same, if they are the same, why we have to learn bout them seperately? why we need a topic to learn about accrued? they are totally different, i dono what is this kind of ppl thinking, i just ask him ask the lecturer, but i can confirm it is wrong, lazy to argue with him, since he wan to bluff himself that its correct then up to him la, not my business, but i promise never ever mark his paper anymore, and i even told my friends, this kind of people... haihz.... (speechless)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


it is raining so heavily outside, the wheather is so cold now, this remind me a lot of things, things that i dont really want to remember, but i think the more you wan to forget, the more you remember.... i don meet him since last wednesday, is that a good sign? does it mean everything is over? and i can start my new life? i dono....jess said:" the worse way to miss someone is sitting beside you without you knowing i love you" (sth like this), this is really true, and i agree with this, why is there oways the wrong person at the wrong timing? why the person that i love don love me? why the one that i dont love come to me? this is life, no one can explain this....

i cant meet the right person at the right time, why cant i meet the right person earlier? maybe everything will be different now, there's no IF or MAYBE, sth like the poem 'the road not taken', we will nvr know what will happen if we choose the alternate option, and yet we cant go back and decide again.....

tmr having event for marketing, have to sleep earlier, feel so tire now, nvr get a good sleep since last week, now i noe the magic of make up....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


ahhaa, i promised you i will write a blog with your name as title i will sure do it, i cant break my promise(don angry)... don worry la, nth bad i can talk bout u....

soh ee von, a girl that very patient, she can still smile to you and answer your question no matter how many times you ask her, wont like me, raise up my voice, haha... but i foudn that we are the same kind of person, we oways sleep late at nite, but her panda eyes not worse as mine, and she like to contribute to pyramid, me too.... thats why both of us must control each other so that our purse wont be getting thinner, hahah.... sometimes she look blur, but thats what she is interesting in, and i found out her quote is 'die lo', hope you won angry when you read this blog, this won make you famous, i know you are smilling when you are reading this, cos i know you won angry easily.... =)


maacroeconomics is so boring, i slept in the class for 1 hr, the lecturer can keep on repeat the same thing again and again, and she can talk a lot for oly one slide, maybe a lady reach a certain age will like to talk a lot, hahaah....

haven finish my intercultural comm, haven get enough information, but tmr i will have plenty of time to find, cos after accounting at 12, i have to wait till 4pm for the small meeting, so i just use the time in between to do my research....

Monday, October 13, 2008


just came back from a dinner, my mom's fren's bday, in my dad's restaurant, they were so happy till everyone drunk(except me, mommy don let me drink). but the auntie force me to drink, so i just drink a mouth of whisky, everyone tot i cant drink and i will drunk easily, but they are wrong, maybe they nvr c me drink and my parents don let me drink so they tot i m so good girl, actually i m not, i did drink last time and even my mom oso dono that i drink beer, cos my face din turn red, ahhaha..(shhh...) actually beer and those alcoholic drinks not so nice to drink, its so bitter, and whicky taste like minyak urut, ahhaha, i think it can help to unstress, but i nvr try b4, and i dono the feeling of drunk, maybe try one day, hahaha...

i dono since when, the 1st thing ppl mention bout me is " y u so fair?" i oso dono y, and after i dye my hair, ppl say i look like japanese girl, luckily not china girl, but i don think i look like japanese girl la, aiyo, i don wan to be too fair oso, scare look pale, i must go for sun bath, but ppl around me ask me don, they say don waste my fair skin, hard to get wor....

so tire again, tot can sleep till a bit late tmr cos class at 1pm, but nicholas say have to go for gmc metting at 11am, so must wake up at 10 sth, so cham, i m gonna be protected by china de(panda)..... =(

Sunday, October 12, 2008


just reached home, feel so tire and sleepy now, dono y how much i sleep oso still feel so tire, like nvr enough, maybe last few days din really sleep, too tire de... emm... nth much special happened today, just the same routine, sleep, wake up, on9, watch movie, play piano, eat then sleep again, then eat....

and dono y suddenly got flu, made me sneeze the whole day, really suffering, and a roll of tissue following me whenever i go, even when i sleep! i have to stuck the tissues in my nose to make sure it don flow out, what a bad day today, i have to make up when i went out inorder to look better, or not i think i will look pale since i m fair enough...

i think i better so sleep now, tmr have to go mid valley to buy farenhait's concert ticket, go alone =( what to do, no one can go with me...

Friday, October 10, 2008


emmmm..... just started a blog, what shud i write? my life? myself?
today is 11th oct, its omost end of the, haihz, but what had done for this yr? nth.... today went pyramid with jennifer, i ask her, if we can live till 40 yrs old, means now we had gone through half of our life, what had we done? if till 60 yrs old, means v had gone through 1/3 of our life, then is there any plan for the 2/3 of our life? nth oso.... time flies but i had done nth for 18 yrs, and no dreams, no plan for the rest of my life, what kind of life is this? i tried hard to think bout it, but dreams and reality is totally different, what we dream of may not come true no matter how hard we tried, then what for i dream?

in psychology, one of the reasons that we dream is to fullfill what we cant get in reality, thats y we dream to fullfill our needs, i think this is quite true, and jennifer said, y i oways wan to go back my form 5 life, its bcos i m not happy now, so i compare my life now to my happier life last time, if my life is happy now, i won wan to go back my 5rho life, life is so complicated, thats y i hope i don have a long lie, hahaa, cos i suffer enough....

wednesday, i met him, which i nvr expect i will meet him again in such situation and place, when i was buying coffee, i saw someone looked like him walk towards the lift, i oly can c from the back, then i try to walk to the lift from the other side, then i saw him walk back toward the cafeteria, i turn back and saw him face to face, i oly can c his face from near cos he changed his spec and his hair is a bit long, he smile to me, and i asked him y he was there, he said he just started college here, then we just walked away, my heartbeats was so fast at that time, i nvr expect i will meet him again, some more that day was 3rd day of my mid term, which i nvr sleep well, slept not even 10 hrs for 3 days and everyday drink black coffee to keep myself awake, althought the same college (so u can imagine how my face looked like), but i don think i will meet him often due to different course, he said we can oly be good fren, but i think v r just hi-bye-frens, haihz... thats y don simply start a relationship, cos once broke up, cant even be frens....