Thursday, March 10, 2011

Officially 21 years old!!!

thanks to kelvin's parents for this last minute order cake
it was yummy
=chocolate banana=

my daddy

mom and dad were wearing white
me and kelvin wearing red
it was coincidentally

aunty julia
got a big present from her
thanks a lot!

my nanny
treat me just like her daughter
i am sure that
you can't find any nanny better than her nowadays!

my cousin - - yee ting
her make up skill is far more better than me!

amy wong
the ever young manager in the restaurant

my big sister
it is not easy to invite to this kind of occasion

my 3rd sister
always ask me out to eat
and she know where to get nice food very well

aunty mary
the best mother-in-law i ever seen
she is a very patient lady
no temper at all
she loves shopping and beauty

dai gu and grandma of hue gie
dai gu always cook a lot of food whenever we go to her house
she will prepare
sweet soup
and "leong sui"
that is why i am hardly diet

jasric and hue gie

uncle teh
who never admit that he is an uncle
and he is 50 year old
although he is the father of 3
and the eldest son is already 24 years old

brands from yion and raymond!
this is lovely and i really need it a lot!

Burberry bag

poney watch by Kelvin

crystal bracelet from
nichol and jasric

folli folli bangle from aunty mary

key from my aunty!

travel pouch from vicky

t-shirt from alvin and ah yee

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! Where can i get the poney watch from?