Saturday, August 29, 2009


had k session with yie, jacq, jenn and jos
in Red Box the Garden
it has been a long time i din't go out with them
few months

jenn, finally you are 'hoi fa'
you know what i mean

Friday, August 28, 2009


yesterday woke up in the morning
rush to college for accounting II
who knows
reach there at 8:30am
class ended at 8:45am
we decided to go Taipan to find lett
she is working in Starbucks
we reached there at around 10am
and went back at around 2pm
can't believe that jess can hold the book for hours
sit there quietly to read

lett looks cute with that!

they are watching movie using Ilex's laptop

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


finally i bought a new laptop!!
acer aspire timeline
althought it is 1.8kg
but still i feel that it is heavy
but this is the lighest among the others with the same size model for now
after i bought this
i am broke now =(

this is what he gave me
because he said i am always worry about my studies
so he bought me this
to support and motivate me
i really appreciate a lot
love you....



we went to MCD amd Wong Kok to celebrate with him
[ nick, vic, jess, me, kelvin, abu, jojo, jo joan, kah yan, cally, yancy ]
wish you all the best in your studies
found a girl friend soon
earn money then we go shopping together

we bought HAM JIM PAN and basketball for him
and the HAM JIM PAN chosen by Victoria
i don't know how he choose
when we look at the cover
already we are not interested with the content
nick say it is boring
and the girl looks like having skin problem
Victoria, improve your taste k?
you are having this hair style since the first day i know you
and i think it is time for you to change now

this is the 2nd time i went back home late
the 1st time is vic's birthday
we went wong kok too
and i back at around 1
and yesterday same too

my mom ask me to be back by 12
but i just ignore
she called me at 12.30
i say we just cut the cake
and going back soon

below is the conversation before i went there
m= mommy
v= me

v : can i go yan cha with frens? cos my fren nicholas birthday, in wong kok leisure mall at 10
m : i don't know how to go there wor...
v : nick is coming to fetch me
m : he fetch you? how long had you know him?
v : we going there with a bunch of friends, not only both of us
m : why go cheras there so far? why can't find a nearer place and its so late now, you will at least come back at 2 if you are going at 10
v : i will be back earlier and from here to cheras only 15 minutes
[ after a while ]
v : my 2 girl's friends fetch me, not nick....
m : har.... only 3 girls in a car, so dangerous

at last i just ignore her,
i bath and changed
guy fetch me,
" how long you had know him? don't simply sit people's car "
girls fetch me,
" only few girls of you, dangerous ah..."
guys cant
girls cant
don't let me drive alone at night
means how?
don't go out lo....

so i learn something yesterday
just ignore her
and go out
i don't want to be panpered anymore
of curse i won't go over board
let me do what i want k?
i will take good care of myself....

Sunday, August 23, 2009


finally got to buy a bag from Charles & Keith
because my MNG bag is so dirty
from light brown turn to dark brown
a new semester is starting tomorrow
got to go to college and meet my friends
taking 4 subjects this semester
hopefully i can manage better
going to get my last semester result
must pray hard
yesterday night i dreamt that i failed all my subjects
but eevon say dreams is always opposite from real
hope what she said is true
saving money to buy a new laptop and phone
will buy laptop first then only phone
cause phone price will drop faster than laptop
anyone would like to sponsor me?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


don blame me for squatting down
cause it is really tiring to stand the whole day

thats how i pass my working time
actually i don't carry the demo kit the whole day
i just put in on the thing behind me
cause it's really heavy!!

and i found something was

we don't call each other with our name
but the brand's of product that we are promoting
they called me Gillette
others are like Dove, Loreal, Nescafe and so on

i can't believe that i actually work for 6 days
3 days for two weeks
i thought of giving up to work on the first day that i work
but i tell myself that i must finish my work
since i had promised and signed contract
don't give people a bad impression that
do not complete the project
since this is my 1st project
i am proud of myself
i know this is not a really high pay
but i know my standard
and this is a very good experience
i got more friends

the other promoters there are friendly
especially one of the aunty
i don't know her name
cause we called her as
"aunty who selling milk powder"
she brought me to walk around Giant to eat!
fried mee, beef maggie mee, ice cream, chocolate,
and nasi lemak
*getting fatter

thanks my dear for the drinks
its really sweet and warm

Friday, August 14, 2009


had been working for Gillette since last friday to sunday
and this friday to sunday too
quite tiring for the 1st week
because this is the first time i work as a promoter
its not easy to be a promoter
you must have very thick skin to promote your product
some more mine is a man's product
which is a razor
is even harder to sell
because the different between men and women is
women will buy something when they are having promotion
new products
eventhough they haven't finish what they had at home
but for men
they will use until the thing is no longer workable
then only they will buy a new one
and the big problem for me is
this Giant has so little customer
due to the parking problem
not i don't want promote my product
but no one there for me to promote
so don't blame me for little sales
and i meet one customer today
who made me a bit frastrated
c= customer
c: how much is this razor?
v= we are now having promotion, it only cost rm13.89, before is 18.89
c: how much is the refill cartridges?
v=RM37.49 for 4s and RM20.89 for 2s
c: WAH, so expensive for the cartridges! so expensive, sure got no one going to buy from you, you sure can't sell any!
this man repeated the same sentence again and again
you think is expensive only
doesn't mean that it is expensive for others
there are people bought from me last week
if you don't want to buy
then just go away
if it is expensive
just say it is expensive
what made me so angry was
at that time
i sold none
he curse me like that
if i really sold none for the whole day
i am going to curse him back
but luckily
i sold quite a lot today
i sold 8 razors and 3 cartridges
so i forgive him

this is what i have to hang over my neck for the whole day
to do demo for customers
to show the different between our product and disposable razor
this is not plastic
i don't know what it made from
but quite heavy

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


finally bought a skin food mask
just tried it just now
the effect is good
my face is so smooth now
bought this because of our mr victoria
i waited them in mid valley for 2 hours
therefore i walked and spent
is your fault
since u spent us pizza
i forgive you
had a good day with my friends in mid valley and wong kok
victor, nicholas, jess, yancy, joan and kah yan
this proved that i am not anti-social
i will go out with you guys if i got time
watched majesty's secret service twice
once with friends
and once with HIM
but i still laugh when i watched the second time
cos its too funny
and lame