Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Westlife - When You Tell Me That You Love Me (With Lyrics)


should wake up at 4am
to study
since i slept at 7pm yesterday
but still
i rolled on the bed
for another 1 hour
suppose to start study at 5am
but wasted one hour at facebook
and now on my blog
still got 2 and a half hours more
investment and chemistry paper today

hopefully my shooting mask does help my pinples
a lot of pimples recently
people said pimples on forehead is because of stress

Monday, June 28, 2010


woke up at 9.30
called jojoan to go to True Fitness
to try the Body Combat class
but sorry that i was a little bit late
we were not able to try the class
so will go again next week
this is the first time
kah yan joined us for gym
after not even one hour
she said she was tire
and hungry
she can really eat a lot!

the evidence that she went for gym!

the restaurant is just a small house
in a small place near by Hin Hua school
if not my mom's friend brought us there
I will never know there is a place
with such a nice food!

8 of us
ordered 8 crabs!
each of us one
really yummy
they was baked with salt
and steam at the same time
i don't really know the way the cook
but this is the best food there
i bet you will go back again once you tried it!
guess how much?
RM 134 for 3.2 kg!

ginger steam Garuba head
and this only cost rm60!

fried mee hoon with clams

red wine chicken
half of the chicken
fried pork
not oily at all
RM 24

Saturday, June 26, 2010


i think my anger towards her reach the boiling point today
i asked her to think of what topic she wants
and this morning the told me that
she wanted to re-group
that is what i told her yesterday
and she refused
don't know what was she thinking
and she even said that
it is because our group doesn't have SMART people
or those expert people
so want to re-group
what the hell is this
sorry because i use kind of rude word to her
i know my english is not as good as others
i can't write fabulous english
but you can't say that directly to me
the 3 of us
the problem is her
not me and the guy
i am going to banned her from my life forever
luckily the lecturer is understanding
thank you dr chandran
oh ya
not to forget
i must mention that
she even said this to me
she asked me to talk to the lecturer together
but actually i already talked to the lecturer personally
she say that if she talk to him alone
he will think that she is the only one who has problem
but this is the fact!
she is really rude!
the words she used
and i don't like her being rude to my friend
when she ask my phone number from jojoan
jojoan was away
jojoan talked to her when she was back
you know what she replied?
you also don't want to give
how can this kind of rude people survive in this world??!!

lecturer gave us a GOOD for our homework!
this is how a team works


really hate this kind of people
ask you for opinion
you say no idea
the weirdest person in ADP !!!!
due to some stupid idiot that don't know how to find their group member
our lecturer grouped us according to our name and major
i am grouping with a girl and a guy from africa
a weird and a maybe non productive member
what should i do?

when i ask her for opinion
she has no idea
so i came out a lot of ideas
she just keep on mentioning that
those topics don't relate to her management major
so we choose a very general topic
which is
"Should abortion be legalized?"
and we relate it to psychological effect
she is doing the intro part
and depression
not difficult right?
even the lecturer also said that it is a good topic
but now only she tells me that
can we change topic?
or talk with the lecturer
cause it is not related to her management major
lecturer wants us to choose something base on our major
just want us to choose something that we are familiar with
3 of us in a group
me and the guy are majoring in psychology
but we didn't really choose on a psychology topic
abortion is a very general topic
just try to relate depression to abortion
is that very difficult?
and what topic she suggested to use instead of this is
" therapy that used cure phobia can not help much in office stress"
phobia don't relate to office stress
and how therapy for phobia work on office stress?
i really mong cha cha

i don't want to do double work
i don't want to check for unrelated content
i really have no time
i still have a lot of assignments to do


Friday, June 25, 2010


today I officially went for gym and yoga
started my gym at 3.30pm
jogging with jojoan
she has a really good stamina
she jog for an hour!
that's not easy
at least for me
hopefully she will join
so we can "keep fit" together

waited for kelvin to finish his work
then Alton taught him how to build his MUSCLE
which ever part he wants it to be BIGGER

today was the first day i went for Hot Yoga
since 3 years i had stopped
i started to sweat after 5 minutes i entered the room
the temperature was high

and all the aunties and uncles there were all used to it
to the positions
they will do the next position before the instructor gave instructions
and they have a really flexible body
the instructor asked me is this the first time i join
i say yes
he asked me to do slowly
practice more can improve

but Hot Yoga is not easy
compare to normal Yoga
the temperature
the position

now i can feel the pain in my muscle.....

Thursday, June 24, 2010


joined True Fitness again
this time i will definitely go for gym and yoga few times a week
no more laziness
no more excuses
for my body
for my future

mid term is next time
know nothing for Investment
a lot of formula to memorize for Chemistry
don't know what topic is coming out
for English Composition II
hopefully i can handle them well

July will be a busy month
the month that all the assignments due

and now only i realize
i should take Marketing instead of Finance
so that i can do fashion marketing
buy things without paying a cent
and to decide what product to buy for the certain brand
what a good job for me
since i am a shopaholic
but never mind
i think major in Finance and Psychology
can do this job
can I ?

Monday, June 21, 2010


finally went to Tropicana City to eat Ninja Joe burger
pork burger!
alvin, ah yee, kelvin, and ah yee's friend

the Big Boss


Kelvin finish the cup
and never left any for me


and today
we went Mid Valley
to get our father's day present
we had our lunch at Nando's
Espetada Rustica

and never order Portugues Roll in Nando's
cause it is just a bread with butter!
but this meal was quite expensive
we ordered one set of this
the bread and Ice Lemon Tea
cost us RM45
not really worthy
but the chicken really nice
a little too spicy

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


finally investment current event presentation is over
but the lecturer said our group did not have any excitement
what are the excitements she wants?
according to her
she wants us to talk faster
more body movement
maybe we can ask victor to dance next time?
i know it has nothing to do with investment
but she wants excitement
and she loves victor
now have to rush another assignment
a thousand words essay
not an easy task
not because of the words number required
but the content
i have chosen Sexual Dysfunction in Elderly
as my topic
hopefully he will mark more lenient

Monday, June 14, 2010


went genting yesterday
with kelvin and ah yee's family
the first time that i went somewhere without my mom
although it was just a half day trip
but i am happy!
hopefully i can go more and more trips!!!
never expect i will spend money on clothes there
when i reached there
there was a big banner with
up to 70% branded warehouse sales!!!!
i went there and bought some things
what to do
i cant go to casino
i am underage and also i went there with shorts
so me and kelvin walked around and shopped in genting

reached home at 2am
but enjoy a lot!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


went to this place for my dinner today
just beside golden dragon boat restaurant in KL
has good environment and good quality of food
we went there to celebrate our 15 months anniversary?
i think so...

the place is really big
it used to be a single storey bungalow
they have a big empty space for parking
imagine last time how the people live there
it must be very relaxing

salted egg crab

pizza valencia

mixed grill
beef, prawns, and chicken!

last but not least
he folded stars for me
this is the 2nd handmade present from him
thank you!
love you....


last minute got free tickets from aunty julia
thank you!

Super Band
their pitch was out
i don't know how they take part in the competition

Ding Dang with her amazing voice
but she looks old in real

the huge robot
which is what kelvin waited for the long night

Ah Shin

The End

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


how i went spent my last day of semester break?
i went mid valley and shopping!
first we had our dinner at Italiannies
bought zara clothes
too bad
one of them has a hole at the back
some more no size
hopefully i can find from other outlet

clam soup
tomato bruschetta
deep fried fish
roasted chicken