Wednesday, September 29, 2010


i am back!
this doesn't mean that i went anywhere recently
just that i am back here to blog
stop blogging for quite sometimes
quite lazy to update

things happened recently
not to mention in detail here
hopefully everything will be fine

having quiz this thursday
international finance
have to study without slides
and no lecture for 2 chapters
total 3 chapters for quiz
the other 2 chapters were presented by friends in class
hope i can score well
really a lot to study
going to pay more attention next time

Thursday, September 9, 2010


it is really difficult for me to decide which handphone to buy
every phone has their pros and cons
maxis has not launch this phone yet
but i know it will still be very costy with plan
but it has all what i want
except for the video calling
others are perfect!

it is a very smart phone
but then the entertainment in it is limited
but it is the cheapest among those phone that i like
the phone cost rm1400+ if i sign a maxis plan
and rm1200+ for prepaid
but the problem is the data plan
it is so expensive!
these price included data plan for only one year and 6 months respectively
Digi is selling this phone at only rm559
rm 1299 i can get blackberry bold!
and rm68 unlimited internet plan
but digi always have limited coverage
and kelvin is using maxis
if i am really buying blackberry
maybe i should get myself an ipod touch too?

Galaxy S
another phone that fullfill my needs
but it has no flash for camera
and applications in it
is much more less than Iphone
and some people say that android phone is not stable yet
i don't know this is a good phone or not
but then it looks good in everything here

which phone should i get?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


my phone was not able to charge
battery totally dead
tried so many times
but failed
took mom's phone
a simple nokia phone
at last
and also finally
my phone can be charge again
i tried so many times
by pulling the cable up and down
here and there
to find the best position for the cable to attach perfectly to my phone
will try a new charger tomorrow
see what's wrong with my phone

although i am planning for a new handphone
but i still prefer my current handphone
as it has everything that i want
except for the video camera at the back
and also
this is the phone that kelvin bought me
i must really appreciate
but i have difficulties in pressing some numbers
as this problem occurred when i first got my phone
that time only number 3 has problem
but now spread to other numbers as well
tried fix it last time
but still the same
gave up~~

iphone 4 or galaxy S or blackberry?

Monday, September 6, 2010


spent my weekend at Genting
with mom, kelvin, and some of mom's friends
went there at night on saturday
reached Genting at around 9pm
then me and kelvin walked around with other 3 KIDS
and then all of us watched movie
"old cow vs tender grass"
thee movie finished at around 1.30am
then we back to the room
after so long
only i realize that my phone was not in my pocket
i take out all the things in my bag also couldn't find
i started to be panic
and kelvin guess that i might leave it in the cinema
because i put it inside my pocket
it might drop when i was watching movie without notice
but it was already 3.30am
we were staying in Hotel Highlands and the cinema is at First World
kelvin say he go back to the cinema again and find for me
i think other than him
no one willing to do this for me
as i know he was very tire because he was one of the driver also
luckily he really found it in the cinema
underneath the chair
thanks god!

i think we slept at around 4am
me and mom were sleeping on the bed
and kelvin sleeping on the floor between me and my mom
i woke up at 5 something
i don't know why
after that
i hardly get back to sleep
mom and kelvin were snoring
and i was awake
what should i do?
i force myself to sleep but it fail
i was very cold
and i could feel that my body was like freezing
and i found that i hardly breath
no choice
i woke kelvin up
i really feel bad for waking him up
then i exchange with him
i sleep on the floor
and he sleep on my bed
my bed was near the window
and all the windows were open
i think the temperature outside was only 20'?
the floor was much more warmer than the bed
because the bed already blocked the wind
and kelvin help me cover with out blue blanket
his jacket
and a slightly thick bed sheet
i felt much more better
and very soon
i got back to sleep

thanks my dear for being such a caring person
i think no one will do this for me
other than YOU......

Thursday, September 2, 2010


we really had nothing to do on the Merdeka Day
because there were few days of holidays before that
as we went 1 Utama, Pyramid and Empire
so we really don't know where else to go
so we went swimming
and had our dinner at Chili Padi

this is the Nasi Bojari
and the PAHA is really big
with crispy skin
i know this is very fattening
but i don't eat this often mah....

Nasi Lemak

Otak-otak chicken