Thursday, September 9, 2010


it is really difficult for me to decide which handphone to buy
every phone has their pros and cons
maxis has not launch this phone yet
but i know it will still be very costy with plan
but it has all what i want
except for the video calling
others are perfect!

it is a very smart phone
but then the entertainment in it is limited
but it is the cheapest among those phone that i like
the phone cost rm1400+ if i sign a maxis plan
and rm1200+ for prepaid
but the problem is the data plan
it is so expensive!
these price included data plan for only one year and 6 months respectively
Digi is selling this phone at only rm559
rm 1299 i can get blackberry bold!
and rm68 unlimited internet plan
but digi always have limited coverage
and kelvin is using maxis
if i am really buying blackberry
maybe i should get myself an ipod touch too?

Galaxy S
another phone that fullfill my needs
but it has no flash for camera
and applications in it
is much more less than Iphone
and some people say that android phone is not stable yet
i don't know this is a good phone or not
but then it looks good in everything here

which phone should i get?

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