Friday, December 31, 2010

last blog of 2010

the last day of 2010
spent my day at ah kei's house
playing games all the day
quite a dull day today
but at least i am not staying home alone

let me review what i have done this year:
not really productive this year
and i really can't think anything special
i think i am more hardworking and more organized with my studies?

i think i went out more often this year
thanks to mr kelvin!
after knowing him
i got the chance to go out more often
i get to be closer with my auntie and friends
there are laughters and sadness as well
but it was all gone
i believe there are more happiness and prosperities coming

happy new year 2011 !!

Monday, December 20, 2010


got this cuttie as my xmas present
thanks to my dear
i know i am emotional recently
due to my health problem
thanks for your toleration

just back from sharon's xmas party
her house is full of board games
and i found that she and her husband are knowledgeable
they know a lot of general knowledge
kaimin should learn more from her...

i shall sleep now
due to the medicines
that will make me sleepy

good night...

Sunday, December 19, 2010


another unproductive day today
i said that i must find a job during this holidays
but i failed
not because that i can't find
but i didn't find
so just stay at home
wait for all the money gone

suppose to have 2 concerts today
and having free VIP tickets for both
but too bad
no one is free to watch with me

it's time to sleep
for my beauty sleep
i know it is very late now
at least better than sleeping at 4

good nite

Thursday, December 16, 2010


again i went for skin specialist today
the doctor say my rashes are due to allergy
so he gave me 2 packets of medicine
and two cream to apply
one for the rashes
the other one for my dark spot
the one due to the sand flee
and guess how much i should pay
i paid rm230!
really bankrupt now
i don't know why he charge me so high
last time i went was only rm170
included 4 packets of medicine and cream
and also injection
i don't know why this time is so much higher than last time
and i was only 1 month ago
i went and see the doctor almost once a month
my previous visit was 18/11/2010

what a sad case....

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


how come again my skin is allergy?
the sand flee scars were still here
now got something new again!
what's wrong with my skin?
really hate it
the itchiness is so terrible that i wish my legs are not mine

this is the first week of my holidays
and i am really bore of shopping
what should i do in there rest of my holidays?

Thursday, December 2, 2010


it is the last week before finals for this semester
and i have not started anything for my finals
i don't know how am i going to sit for the exams
assignments are completely cleared
and i seriously see all kind of people in this semester
i should say in this way
i can see the real and true side of people
i learn my lesson
never trust anyone
and don't get cheated by the appearance
i learn a good lesson this semester
and i promise myself not doing the same mistake next time
time flies as it is already the beginning of december
the end of the year!
not only finals is coming
but BIG SALES are ongoing too!
too bad i have no money
save money to buy phone next year
i should really save more money for the future
and i am really serious this time
how to stop myself from shopping??
i think it is hard
but i will try to buy LESSER