Monday, March 29, 2010


just have a little updated of my IELTS
went for the remaining tests yesterday
i did really badly
already told Kelvin to prepare money for me
poor Kelvin
what to do
you got no choice

something i found similar with my cousin
who is the same kind people as me
but she is purely sei wui yan 四会人
both of her parents are sei wui yan
but me only my dad
so i am half
me and my cousin treat bf quite the same
but hers is husband
the way we talk
but i am not as fierce as her
she can just ask the husband do not argue with her
no matter what she say
just say Ah Ah Ah ( to agree with her)
but me
if he argue or disagree with me
i will just stare at him
so thats the difference!

she can just hold her husband's face
and turn his face to one side
to ask him to tell ppl that how good she treats him
i will hold her chin
and ask him
" now i treat you not good mehhhh? "
with staring eyes
the more i know about my cousin sis
the more i laugh
not laughing at her
but myself

Saturday, March 27, 2010


went for IELTS speaking yesterday
what a panic experience
i didn't do well for my speaking
i was too panic
i even saw the examiner wrote down my marks
i think that's the mark
i got 5 and 6
she asked me a lot of questions
about my studies
clothing and shopping
season that i like
section 2
i have to describe a card or letter which is special to me
have to talk for 2 mins
i just simply crap
section 3
she asked me a lot of questions
to compare between letters, phone calls and emails
never mind
i will try my best to do well for tomorrow
have a nice sleep tonight
so that i will have a FRESH mind tomorrow

good night

Monday, March 15, 2010


just wake up
and i saw something that really make my mood down
there is a big plastic bag near my house door
for my mom to "collect" her unwanted clothes or bag or whatever
to take it for recycling or giving other people
i saw the bag that i gave her as birthday present last year
[ charles and keith]
she used within 10 times
within one month
she told me the zip was spoilt
i checked
but everything is still in a good condition
now she just dump aside
i know
this is not a LV bag
not from CHE CHE
not any other branded bag
she said before
she bought herself a LV bag
since no one buying for her
and i just simply bought a CHEAP bag for her
which cost me RM150
to entertain her
she only want Rm400 over bag from Che Che
Rm1000 over bag from LV
others all are Cheap bag for her!

never ever ask me to buy you a bag!


went for mid night show yesterday
at SPark
while waiting for the movie
we went GIANT (ground floor)
we bought this mini fishing toy
which we love to play when we were kid

Alice In Wonderland

this is a new cinema
and the first cinema i had ever been
with pop song before screening
sounds like a club!
the seats were covered with leather
and the price for couple seats and normal seats are the same!
RM 10!

went pyramid today
we went Pasta de Gohan for lunch
the price is reasonable and quite OK la
both of us shared one set lunch
baked rice and carbonara

supposingly went for facial ONLY today
but i don't know why
lost control again
bought shoes, clothes and bag!
bag from Lollipop
he got influenced by me
bought a shirt too
because Sub Zero having 70% sales
in front of Vincci
the clothes are so cheap!
and long pants only selling at RM 39
the pants that i bought at least 3 years ago
i bought it RM100 over
but now only RM39
since i had wear it for yearss

Saturday, March 13, 2010


at least i can take a little breathe
had my entreprenuership presentation on wed
i though it would end up terribly
because we din't meet the lecturer before our presentation
i think she was a bit "beh song" us
some more i broke my shoes that day
the first projector didn't work
the second projector's color got problem
so i have to change my pics for my slides
so many unfortunate things happened before my presentation
i thought it would ended up a failure

after i presented my part
ms sham ask me to hold on
something bad pop up into my mind
i thought she was not satisfied with us
who knows
she praise me!
she said that's a good presentation
and thats what a presentation should be
with a lot of pictures and little words
she was entertained!
the other group mates before me was to wordy

i was surprise
will keep it up
and hopefully i can score better in my future presentations!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

birthday celebration in advance 2010

woke up at 8:30 this morning
had dim sum breakfast with kelvin's family

yin yang sweet and chili sauce
(my masterpiece) *winks

yam prawn

their hometown "dao fu pok"

after the breakfast
i went to aunty's house
to visit the talkative BB Alysa
she is 1 year and 9 months old now
very talkative and active
but she is really cute
you would definitely love her!

i had a really awesome buffet dinner tonight
at Traders Hotel

more than 10 types of salads
sushi and sashimi


waffle ice cream

i really got surprise by this cake
never expect a birthday cake at here
thanks my dear
cheese cake

nice raspberry!

after that
we went up to 33th floor to Sky Bar
really nice night view at night
recommended for special occasions!!

with swimming pool at the middle
and small swimming pool a the side

our drinks
if i am not mistaken

last but not least
this cake made by kelvin's dad
and deco by kelvin
thanks uncle and my dear
love it!

thanks my dear for doing so much for me
i really appreciate a lot
present doesn't count on how much it is
but how sincere is the person who gave it
you are such a caring person
i can see how much effort you put in
just to make me happy
love you... <3


went for s.h.e concert today
victor siew, too bad
you were not able to go

mandy, lily, amy, ah kei and me

the stage was beautiful!
the band was like floating in the air

S.H.E !!!!!
they were singing SUPERSTAR

sitting on a HUGE NEST

Saturday, March 6, 2010


finally i got my 1st SAILORMOON DVD!!!

there are total 5 series
i am going to collect them!

yesterday went O.U.G pasar malam with
jojoan, kahyan, cally and lett
kahyan and lett have a really big stomach
they ate assam laksa( 3 persons share 1 bowl),
salted chicken, taiwan sausage, otak-otak, kuih, sai mai loh
really a lot
but i can't say BIG STOMACH in front of kahyan
later she gives me a PUNCH to let me die
two PUNCHES to let me stick on the wall

1st time walk pasar malam for 4 hours
really tire....