Monday, March 15, 2010


went for mid night show yesterday
at SPark
while waiting for the movie
we went GIANT (ground floor)
we bought this mini fishing toy
which we love to play when we were kid

Alice In Wonderland

this is a new cinema
and the first cinema i had ever been
with pop song before screening
sounds like a club!
the seats were covered with leather
and the price for couple seats and normal seats are the same!
RM 10!

went pyramid today
we went Pasta de Gohan for lunch
the price is reasonable and quite OK la
both of us shared one set lunch
baked rice and carbonara

supposingly went for facial ONLY today
but i don't know why
lost control again
bought shoes, clothes and bag!
bag from Lollipop
he got influenced by me
bought a shirt too
because Sub Zero having 70% sales
in front of Vincci
the clothes are so cheap!
and long pants only selling at RM 39
the pants that i bought at least 3 years ago
i bought it RM100 over
but now only RM39
since i had wear it for yearss

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