Saturday, March 6, 2010


finally i got my 1st SAILORMOON DVD!!!

there are total 5 series
i am going to collect them!

yesterday went O.U.G pasar malam with
jojoan, kahyan, cally and lett
kahyan and lett have a really big stomach
they ate assam laksa( 3 persons share 1 bowl),
salted chicken, taiwan sausage, otak-otak, kuih, sai mai loh
really a lot
but i can't say BIG STOMACH in front of kahyan
later she gives me a PUNCH to let me die
two PUNCHES to let me stick on the wall

1st time walk pasar malam for 4 hours
really tire....


aNing~ said...

vickie lend me lend me!!!!

Vickie said...

haha, u like sailormnoon oso???