Tuesday, October 19, 2010


half done with my developmental psychology report
gonna show ms uma tomorrow
to check if i did the right thing
oh ya
i forgot to mention that
i have passed my grade 3 piano practical!
i got 126/150 marks
1st song : 26/30
2nd song: 22/30
3rd song: 25/30
scales and arpeggios: 20/21
sigh-reading: 18/21
aural test: 15/18

i think the examiner is really really kind
i just simple clap for the aural part
and i myself also don't know whether i clap the right beats or not
i thought i will surely fail that part
surprisingly that i only had clapping problem in A
although i didn't get distinction
but i am happy enough with my result
will work harder for grade 4 next year

Sunday, October 17, 2010


i perm my hair yesterday
and now
i look exactly like my mom!
i did try to dye my eye brow as well
because my hair is too brownish
but too bad
it fail
my eye brows still remain BLACK
i don't know why
should try to dye more times
hopefully it success next time!

had my breakfast at Xenri again
was very full the whole day
after that
went to visit Irene and her newborn baby
she is no more pain like the first day she delivered

should stop blogging and continue with my assignments....


welcome the new member of Foo's family!
baby boy
arrived on 15.10.2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


in the month of October
which is an "assignment month"!
assignments are coming to the due date
must start doing them now!

i think i have skipped some events
that happened recently
such as cally's birthday celebration
Glitz and Glamor Ball 2010
and so on
don't really have the mood to blog recently
don't know why
am i bored with it?
i don't know
maybe u should do my assignment first!