Sunday, May 23, 2010


went for kelvin's cousin 's wedding dinner today
at Jaya Palace if i am not mistaken the name
the quality of the food there just average
quite tire now
kelvin is happy and a little bit drunk
because he and the cousin bro quite close
and he said this is the first time that we go to a dinner together
but he was busy drinking with the cousin
and ignore me there
actually he had to help to take photo

oh ya
the skin for my laser area
the skin was dried and they started to drop
so look much more better now
i just worry that
i accidentally wipe them off
without notice
hopefully no scars....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


bought a new laptop again yesterday
the old one will be selling to my mom
for her business purpose

my new laptop is much more faster!

i went for a plastic surgical
to laser my oil seeds
which are so visible under my eyes
it cost me RM 150 only
because aunty julia knows the doctor very well
so we got a very low price for this

at first i thought laser will not be pain
the girl apply the numb cream around my eyes
waited for 15 minutes
then the doctor came into the room
she help me to clean all the blackhead and whatever head on my face
it is really painful
especially forehead
then she said
" there is no complain when a doctor extract the blackhead"
then the laser started
of course
my eyes were closing
i heard the sound
si~~~~ pak!
then i smell some burnt smell
and it is pain!
but not as pain as extracting
i was quite panic at that time
so now
there are HOLES on my face at the eye area
hopefully it will recover before sunday
because i am going for dinner for that day!
and not forget to mention
i bought a nice high heels
and of course
my dinner dress
just an excuse for me to go for shopping....

Saturday, May 15, 2010


i really hate it when people remind me to help in my dad'd restaurant
i really don't like it
i want the freedom that i had last time
i don't like sitting there
collect money
and get scolded by people
i don't like to work
forgot to mention
i din't get any salary
i cant go any party at night every weekend
cant go here cant go there
i really HATE it!
HATE it!
HATE it!
especially when my mom ask me
am i going to a full moon party tonight
i say yes
then she said
who is going to help in shop?
i said i will help so that i will go to the party later
what kind of life is this?
i know many people might not agree with me
i should help in family business
not that i don't want to help
i just don't want being tied and can't do other things
i know myself
if i can being tie with a work
then i shall be working now
not studying now
i choose to study because i don't want to work at this moment
really HATE it
Hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

some more you will be really geram when your work is not being appreciated
you know what my dad told other people?
"what to do? my daughter don't want to help me"
he said this on mother's day
because i went to aunty house for steamboat
i thought i would go back and help
but the manager told me that she got a part time
and don't need my help
ask me to enjoy myself
so i just enjoy myself there since they don't need me
but who knows they can't handle
then i faster rush back and help
at that moment
i never complain anything
until i knew what my dad said
that's really hurt
since when i din't help him?
i help him every weekends without asking for a single cent!

parents are hard to understand
they can just twist the story
to a totally different story
parents are self-center
they are always correct

i really had a very memorable mother's day this year
i get scolded by a customer
saying that our talapia fish is so expensive
the price should be rm10+ instead of rm40
that is so unreasonable
think what restaurant we are?
some more she said a lot of harsh words
"if you are poor i can donate money to you, but you don't simply charge me!!"
she pointed me and scolded me
you think that is my problem?
i just follow the weights that was given by the kitchen

my dad wasn't at a really good mood that day
cause of the mess in the shop
other than the one that i just mentioned
my mom some more ask him for money
and pull me into the water
mom promised to buy my laptop
and give me rm2k
at first i thought of selling to my cousin
but then she said she need a laptop
if i want to sell
then sell it to her
i told her i am selling at rm1k
but she said she will give me rm2k
who knows
she told my dad that i need 3k to buy a new laptop
so that she can get 1k
and i get scolded from my dad
say i always buy things that is unnecessary
if the old laptop still can use
don't buy a new one
i never ask him money to buy new laptop
just that she said she need it
only i reserve for her
if not
i will sell it to other people
get the money
and pay the new laptop with installment
thats my plan

i can tell you that
i never ask my dad to buy me any laptop or phone
if you know me
my dad only bought me my first phone
and my first laptop
the first laptop is because he promised that he want to buy for me last time
i told him that i don't need it
but he insist to buy for me at that time
all i use my pocket money to buy
i never ask him for extra money
to buy this and that

the money is mine
i can use at whatever way i want
as long as i don't ask for additional
i never ask him for any pocket money
even though when i am broke
i only wait for him to give me when he feels he wants to

and sometimes
it is really unfair that
i want to help someone
but someone else told me no need
and ended up
the person who need my help
angry of me


what a semester break for me?
i rather have classes
at least i have something to do
not like now
just rotting at home
everyday eat and sleep and eat
holidays is ending in around 2 weeks time
a new semester
hopefully with better result
i know i always mention this every semester
but this time
i must really go to all the classes
jojoan said she will wake me up
i think i can do it
hopefully my laziness is gone

and not to forget
i must really diet
getting fatter and fatter now
its really ugly to wear any clothes when a person is fat
but i cant control my mouth
kaimin ah....
go gym with me.....

Sunday, May 9, 2010


when i drove into taman desa area
the whole area was so dark
i thought the street lamp spoil again as usual
even the houses were all dark
no electricity
how to sleep?
mommy was drunk
of course is not a problem for her
i was thinking
i should have some beer just now

my whole body was so sticky
no hot water
so i was forced to take a quick bath with cold tap water
once i finished my bath and lay on my bed
after 5 minutes
electricity was back!
i shall wait for a while so that i don't have to take a cold bath
but nevermind
this is the first time i take a cold bath
and i feel good now..

shall sleep early today
going gym tomorrow morning
wish i can wake up
good night

Friday, May 7, 2010


went mid valley today
to buy a mother's day present
walk round and round mid valley
don't know what to buy
so went to Poh Kong
spotted one small diamond earrings
RM446 with diamonds
quite nice
but then i decided to walk around 1st then only make final decision
so went to Swarovski
my mom all time favourite
actually i knew that i could find something within my budget there
but why i went Poh Kong 1st instead of this is because
this is just crystal
at least Poh Kong has diamonds
i think it is more valuable if i buy diamonds with the same price for crystal
at last
my final decision is
i decided to keep the small diamond earrings for myself next time
it is kinda small for my mom
compare to her expensive diamonds
so i bought this bracelet for her
at RM505
that means
i am broke again now... =(
i remembered mommy spotted this bracelet before
so i just bought this
actually found another bracelet
more shinny and cheaper
but the bracelet is too long
and not adjustable
so i have to give up that bracelet
found other nice necklace and rings as well
but since this is what she spotted last time
so just buy what she likes la....
it cost rm505 because its all crystal
what if all diamonds????

another reason i went to mid valley today
is because mom wants to watch Ip Man 2
so kelvin bought the tickets online
since i have time
so i went there earlier to buy present for her
and wait for her
who knows
she put me aeroplane
and it is as usually
last minute she told me that she was busy
so the tickets
me and kelvin watched the movie before
so we just went back after out dinner