Wednesday, May 19, 2010


bought a new laptop again yesterday
the old one will be selling to my mom
for her business purpose

my new laptop is much more faster!

i went for a plastic surgical
to laser my oil seeds
which are so visible under my eyes
it cost me RM 150 only
because aunty julia knows the doctor very well
so we got a very low price for this

at first i thought laser will not be pain
the girl apply the numb cream around my eyes
waited for 15 minutes
then the doctor came into the room
she help me to clean all the blackhead and whatever head on my face
it is really painful
especially forehead
then she said
" there is no complain when a doctor extract the blackhead"
then the laser started
of course
my eyes were closing
i heard the sound
si~~~~ pak!
then i smell some burnt smell
and it is pain!
but not as pain as extracting
i was quite panic at that time
so now
there are HOLES on my face at the eye area
hopefully it will recover before sunday
because i am going for dinner for that day!
and not forget to mention
i bought a nice high heels
and of course
my dinner dress
just an excuse for me to go for shopping....

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