Saturday, January 31, 2009



i was so shocked when jennifer told me that mrs chua had pass away... i cant believe it, she used to be my K.H teacher in form3, and because of her, i got an A for my K.H, i can still remember the moment she hugged me when i went to school to get my result because i got 8A's for my PMR, she was a discipline teacher, a good teacher, she always scolded us for discipline problems but i know she loves us a lot... she was so healthy when i last saw her, which is one year ago, i can still remember her voice, the way she scolded us, she way she nagged us, i will always remember her...

Monday, January 12, 2009


what a tired day, had been working for 2 days, stand there for 8 hours, ask ppl. to fill in the info sheet, its really an easy job, but i dono how victor can get so many, 1st day he got 168, today i think more than 120, but our target was only 90 sheets per person, i aldi tried my best to get, but today i cant hit the target, luckily my frens helped me, thanks a lot buddies! maybe i counsell too much de, till don get enough time to ask more ppl to fill in, but i dono y ppl like to ask me questions bout the courses, made me so tired, don even have the time to drink my water and lunch, me and frens took our lunch at 3 sth, i was so hungry and tired, really don feel like walking anymore, wish theres a bed for me to lay down.......

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


tagged by : Dear Ms. Jessica Lim

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- the tag questions must be 100% the same
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I tag
1. Jennifer
2. Jess
3. Victor
4. Nicholas Chow
5. Carissa
6. Yion
7. Cally
8. Ee Von
9. Joshua

How you know 1? ( Jennifer)
- knew her since form1, but not close, same class in form3, 4 and 5, then dono y, suddenly become so close up, till now, oways annoy me.... hahah

What would you do if you never meet 2? (Jess)
- i think will just leave my piano with dust....

What would you do if 3 and 4 dated you? (victor + nicholas chow)
- hahah, i noe they won date me, and even if they did, its oways with a gang of frens, so is still ok for me.....

Would 5 and 6 make a good couple? (Carissa + Yion)
- this is even impossible to happen cos they are not lessss........ hahhaahhaaha

Do you think 7 is attractive? (Cally)
-yes! but she herself don think this way..... cally, u r attractive!

Tell me something about 9 (Joshua)
-joshua is a 19 yr old guy, he is running his family iron business, at the same time, studying interior design in segi subang jaya, he is nice, frenly, tall, a bit chubby, with spec, fair, patient, a sensitive guy who will cry easily, ahahha....

What's 1 favourite past time? (Jennifer)
-call me and talk rubbish, ask me where m i ,wht m i doing......

What language does 2 speaks? (Jess)
-as i noe, eng, mandarin, cantonese, bm....

Who is 3 going out with? (Victor)
-dono, cos i think he is still single now, so go out with a gang of frens.....

How old is 4? (Nicholas Chow)
he is going 19

When was the last time you talked to 5? (Carissa)
-december 2008 i think....

Who is 6 favourite singer? (Yion)
-jay chow!!

Would you date 7? (Cally)
-of course, if she is willing to go out with me.... =)

Is 8 single? (Ee Von)
- think so....

What's 9 last name? (Joshua)

Would you consider being in a relationship with 1? (Jennifer)
-omg, i m not lesbian, i m so so so normal, even i m lesbian oso i won consider bout this cos she is too annoying, i think i will get old very fast if being with her too often, so better not to challenge....

Which school does 2 go to? (Jess)
segi subang jaya of course

What do you like about 3? (Victor)
-ahhahahaha, smart? other than this, nth come to my mind de... hahaha, victor, don scold me, cos the words pop out from my mind are lame and gay........


just now, my dad made me feel so touched, he said:

"wherever u wanna go, just tell me, i will send u there...."


Thursday, January 1, 2009

END OF 2008

year 2008 just ended this way, supposingly go out with jennifer, but she went dinner with her sis, and my problem, TRANSPORT problem, 11 sth in the morning, my mom called me and told me that pyramid aldi very jam, and gonna to block the road at 6, i say c how 1st, then i continue to sleep... later, jenn told me she is going out with her sis, cos her sis had booked a place for her... actually one thing i m not happy was, the night b4, i told my mom, i m going pyramid to count down, cos my i m gonna 19, i must at least enjoy once for my yr 18th, u noe what she said? so what, u no need to eat and sleep ah? i really get very fed up, then started to say no one to fetch me home this and that, i just keep quiet, cos i really lazy to talk to her anymore....

this morning with the call, she even ask me to bring jenn to my shop to celebrate, then i said jenn is going out with her sis, even if she is not oso i won ask her to come, cos the ktv is oly full of uncle and aunty, even i cant really tahan de, how to bring her there? and today, everyone asked me why i nvr go out with frens, why i stay there, i just pointed at my mom, then they started to talk to my mom, ask her why don let me go out, she say she let me go out, just i don wan oly, hahaha, what a funny joke, yes, she nvr stop me from going, she just say its very jam till cant get in, then gonna block the road at 5, and ask me to bring my fren there, is this consider as stoping me from going? i dono la....

everyone can c that i m not happy tonite, except my mom, actually i m seriously not happy, cos even my 14 yr old cousin went sg wang to count down, but i still stay in my shop, hahaha, and one aunty that stay in subang say the road to pyramid din close, i just speechless, maybe my mom get the wrong info from her customer, or maybe... i dono.... i tried to keep my unhappiness in my heart and smile to them, but still they can c my emo face, my mom keep on asking me m i not happy, of cos i cant say yes, i jsut say no, i dono y, oways ppl noe how to c my face but she cant, she even tot that i m not happy bcos i have to work tmr morning, she oways say she understand me, is she? she ask my dad y ask me to stay in the shop till i m not happy, my dad said he nvr, she is the one who wan me to stay there....

i even feel wanna cry sitting there, so i try my best not to think so much, i m the youngest there! can u imagine? how to enjoy? how to be happy? seeing everyone drunk, dance and sing, but me, just sitting there and do nth, like a stupid, one aunty gave me a beer, i just drink a bit, then my mom take a coke for me, i really dono wanna laugh or cry, a bit of beer is ok for me, but she scare i cant go work tmr morning, i dono i have to continue this kind of life for how long, maybe shud say in the other way, i dono how long i can stand this kind of life....