Wednesday, April 28, 2010


connection down for almost one week
because there is water in the wall
so it affect the phone line
the wireman used a soket to replace it
to make it external
i don't know why the problem still exist
i thought is the wall problem
so i ask the wireman to fix it again
he told me that
it's not the wall problem
cause this morning i bought a new soket and replace it
and it works!
since it works when i change a new soket
so is because the soket spoil
not the because of the wall
so i asked him
how to solve this?
he say i have to change the soket when it spoil la
so i ask
" can i make another new phone wire from the wall? extend it to place it at somewhere the wall that is not affected by the water"
he said,
" you have to go to the maintenance there to complain,
then they will inform the developer
to look for the plan of the building
to find out the "head" of the phone line
then have to ask the people from TM
to identify which line is mine
[since i live in condominium]
and then open the ceiling
and pull another line"

soket is always cacat
cause it can't last long
since it is made from Ch**a
i can't depend on it
so, soket is out

can i pull another line?
i can
but it is troublesome
as i stated above
i have to go thru those steps

so i come out this conclusion
the only thing i can do is
change the soket myself whenever it spoil
the fastest solution


Thursday, April 22, 2010


went pyramid with mommy today
i know i should study
but at least let me relax awhile
it was a short shopping time for us
we spend 2k+ in two shops only
so mommy said faster chow
mommy bought a watch and ring from Cerruti 1881
and 3 bags from Lollipops!!
one for me
and then
her wallet was empty

i can see that
my family financial status is getting better
i can see that from my mom's face
she has no more moody face
worry about money
and she can spend on what she likes now
i know it is impossible for us to be how we was
i know we don't buy LV Prada Gucci
( only bought occasionally) lol
no more Prada slippers
no more DKNY shorts and tshirt
no more Emporio Armani
no more Giorgio Armani
no more Versace shirt for dad
( cause he is too fat!)

but at least
no more worry face on her

hopefully everything will goes well..... =)

and we learnt something
do whatever you are born to do
do not do something that doesn't suite you
or you don't know at all
mommy and daddy are born to be in this "career"
so don't try to change it
even though we are not able to be how we was
but at least
it is enough for us

Saturday, April 17, 2010


found this photo in a drawer
a picture that i must share with all my friends!
(right) my mommy when she was around 17 years old if not mistaken
with a BOMB hair and dark skin
i really can't stop laughing when i look at this picture
hardly imagine mommy in this look

i think i should upload my dad's young photo as well next time
i saw one in the office
look like CHOW YUN FATT!!
but the similarity between them is
both of them named FATT

now i think i should get back to do my assignment
CFM and entrepreneurship
two more to go
finals is coming
study smart
study hard
i want a better result !!


this semester is going to end
and i am going to my 3rd year of my studies
timetable for next semester is out
i think i am taking investment and chemistry
only going to college on tuesday and thursday
i have to wake up in the morning
jojoan says she will ask kah yan to ask kelvin to wake me up
really lazy to go to college in the morning
and i usually ponteng
cause i usually start study or do my assignments at night
i don't know why
my brain can't function well during days
how i wish that exam held during nights
maybe i will score better this way?

left two more assignments to go
but finals is coming!
this semester only taking 2 UIU subs and 1 ADP sub
i thought it will be easier for me
cause taking only 3 subs
and i thought LAN subs would be easy for me
and i thought this semester is much more relax than previous semesters
but i was so WRONG
getting busy and busier nowadays
plus my stupid left hand too HEAVY
can't play piano really well
especially playing those love songs
should be very romantic
but i play till
must really practice hard
at least should show some improvement
taking piano test this year
hopefully everything will go well

as long as i think positively
everything will go positive

Saturday, April 10, 2010


i have passed my IELTS
with band 6.5!
i got 6 for
and writing
7.5 for my reading
din't know i got such a good READING skill
i was panic before i got the result
Yion called me and told me that everyone has passed their IELTS
but she has not got hers yet
this make me lagi takut
cause i have to go to the bank 1st then only take the result
the feeling of waiting was really killing me
but luckily
due to some incident
i got to take my result 1st instead of going to the bank
and the INDIAN aunty treat me quite good this time
she din't scold me!
those who took IELTS i think you know who am i talking about
now i can continue my UIU without any worry

my weight is gaining recently
i don't know why
i think this thanks to mr lim
i must really lose weight

Thursday, April 8, 2010


hot weather
bad temper
not my fault
i hate this kind of weather
still feeling hot even in an air-cond room
i haven lei yeh la
hot temper not because i want to lei yeh
but those people really "hak yan zang"!!
don't wanna talk about them here
i don't want to POLLUTE my blog.....

i think last two weeks if i am not mistaken
the family right up on my house (condo) just move away
they make a lot of noisy while packing
(sometimes they make noisy for no reasons too!)
and i thought
there are people moving in
screw here and there
hammer here and there
how am i going to take my nap?
i have to wait until 5
cause they finish work at 5
then only i go home and take a rest
i cant stand those noise
it is really irritating
plus this kind of weather
they will start to renovate from 9 to 5
i think i am going to wake up early tomorrow
thanks to them!

but i really wanna write a "FOK"(服)to my dad
he can sleep with his high volume snores
under this kind of environment

just now only i realize that i key in the wrong amount for my CFM
i key in the amount for cost of sales
instead of sales
how careless i am
mommy some more ask me to work for her
pay me RM1k a month
just to key in numbers
no way!
i know how careless i am
i have no money to pay back if i key wrong anything
cause once i key wrongly
it can involve a pay back of a huge amount of money
so better stay at home and sleep

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


i know my blog is quite dead recently
nothing much to talk about
because my life full of
this semester is going to end soon
but not in a holiday mood yet
because so much things have not done yet
the sudden assignment for entrepreneurship is really killing
as what yion said
we should not ask her
because she definitely will not fail all of us
what to do
we already asked
so just work hard for the report!

falling sick yesterday
flu and feel like fever
don't worry
not H1N1
got my medicine already
much more better now

thanks my dear for taking care of me yesterday
i might have bad temper yesterday
cause i don't feel well
i know you are worry about me
and dare not to disturb me when i was sleeping