Thursday, April 22, 2010


went pyramid with mommy today
i know i should study
but at least let me relax awhile
it was a short shopping time for us
we spend 2k+ in two shops only
so mommy said faster chow
mommy bought a watch and ring from Cerruti 1881
and 3 bags from Lollipops!!
one for me
and then
her wallet was empty

i can see that
my family financial status is getting better
i can see that from my mom's face
she has no more moody face
worry about money
and she can spend on what she likes now
i know it is impossible for us to be how we was
i know we don't buy LV Prada Gucci
( only bought occasionally) lol
no more Prada slippers
no more DKNY shorts and tshirt
no more Emporio Armani
no more Giorgio Armani
no more Versace shirt for dad
( cause he is too fat!)

but at least
no more worry face on her

hopefully everything will goes well..... =)

and we learnt something
do whatever you are born to do
do not do something that doesn't suite you
or you don't know at all
mommy and daddy are born to be in this "career"
so don't try to change it
even though we are not able to be how we was
but at least
it is enough for us

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