Wednesday, April 28, 2010


connection down for almost one week
because there is water in the wall
so it affect the phone line
the wireman used a soket to replace it
to make it external
i don't know why the problem still exist
i thought is the wall problem
so i ask the wireman to fix it again
he told me that
it's not the wall problem
cause this morning i bought a new soket and replace it
and it works!
since it works when i change a new soket
so is because the soket spoil
not the because of the wall
so i asked him
how to solve this?
he say i have to change the soket when it spoil la
so i ask
" can i make another new phone wire from the wall? extend it to place it at somewhere the wall that is not affected by the water"
he said,
" you have to go to the maintenance there to complain,
then they will inform the developer
to look for the plan of the building
to find out the "head" of the phone line
then have to ask the people from TM
to identify which line is mine
[since i live in condominium]
and then open the ceiling
and pull another line"

soket is always cacat
cause it can't last long
since it is made from Ch**a
i can't depend on it
so, soket is out

can i pull another line?
i can
but it is troublesome
as i stated above
i have to go thru those steps

so i come out this conclusion
the only thing i can do is
change the soket myself whenever it spoil
the fastest solution


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