Saturday, April 17, 2010


this semester is going to end
and i am going to my 3rd year of my studies
timetable for next semester is out
i think i am taking investment and chemistry
only going to college on tuesday and thursday
i have to wake up in the morning
jojoan says she will ask kah yan to ask kelvin to wake me up
really lazy to go to college in the morning
and i usually ponteng
cause i usually start study or do my assignments at night
i don't know why
my brain can't function well during days
how i wish that exam held during nights
maybe i will score better this way?

left two more assignments to go
but finals is coming!
this semester only taking 2 UIU subs and 1 ADP sub
i thought it will be easier for me
cause taking only 3 subs
and i thought LAN subs would be easy for me
and i thought this semester is much more relax than previous semesters
but i was so WRONG
getting busy and busier nowadays
plus my stupid left hand too HEAVY
can't play piano really well
especially playing those love songs
should be very romantic
but i play till
must really practice hard
at least should show some improvement
taking piano test this year
hopefully everything will go well

as long as i think positively
everything will go positive

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