Wednesday, November 25, 2009


quite some bad days without streamyx
lousy streamyx
i went to tm point to upgrade my package
and hopefully fix my line
because the DSL is down
and this is not the first time
i already know what to do to check the line

when i reach tm point
i told the people i want to upgrade my plan
and there is technical problem with my connection
they ask me to call
therefore i call using the phone there cause my house cant even call

as usual
waited for so long for the operator to answer me
i told her all the problem
she said i must be in front of my computer
so that she can TEACH me what to do
to fix it
but the problem is
as i said
this is not the 1st time that the DSL line is down
and i know almost all the way to fix it
i realized the only way is to get a technician from them
to come over my house
to fix it
but she insist me to call from my house

what a stupid network
i already told them the problem
why cant they just send someone over to fix it
but wasting my time!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009






Sunday, November 8, 2009


went to Zenri for a japanese buffet this afternoon

the food there is really nice and fresh

rm46++ per person

from 12pm-3pm

they are not stingy in providing food

you can take as much as you want

once the food is finished

they will replace very quickly

really worth it!

cheese backed oyster, deep fried chicken drunsticks

fresh oysters




grilled chicken
the meat is still juicy
not like what i ate from other places
dry and hard

salmon and unagi

of course
there were fruits too

D.I.Y snow flake

pancake with ice creamsss

Monday, November 2, 2009


going to the end of year 2009
i think i must really plan for year 2010
to make everything more efficient
study harder
get a better result

had 2 good days in my aunty's house
bb Alysa is getting cuter and smarter

HE is sick
hopefully he will get well soon
but i think he will
cause once my aunty knew that he iss sick
she asked him to go to her house
and cook porridge for him
a bit jealous

get well soon my dear....