Friday, June 26, 2009


slept for 2 hours only yesterday night
to finish my speech
and practice
overall consider ok
miss padma said very informative and good
she never heard about those inventions
but make sure no more reading the script for the next speech
will take more time to prepare the persuasive speech
so that i can do better.....

and Eevon teach me a very good phrase today
"The feeling of waiting for death is more painful than death"
its very true
i was so panic while waiting
my brain was totally blank while giving the speech
i can remember the point while practice
but once i stand in front
the only i can do is just read from the paper

these are the eco friendly inventions for my speech

paper bottles

bamboo mouse

bamboo laptop by asus

washing machine that only use a cup of water -- Xerous

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