Wednesday, June 3, 2009


had been busy VISITING our LOCAL BANKS these two days for my PTPTN loan, i really cant understand why can't everything be done in ONE bank?? i have to run for 3 banks to open accounts and buy pin number, went Maybank to open the SSPN account, then Bank Simpanan National to buy pin number, the next day went Bank Muamalat to open another account, seems like i have so much money to save because i am having 4 accounts in 3 banks!

the Bank Simpanan National in Mega Mendung is so small with only 3 counters, and NO AIR-COND! but the queue was quite fast because most of them went there to pay bill only....

the Bank Muamalat in SS15 is much more bigger, with air-conded, BUT, their service was so GOOD, i filled in the form and wait for my number to be call, waited there for 20 minutes, only one counter is functioning, the other 3 i don't kinow what were they doing even though there were stuffs there, finally my number was called, i gave her my form and everything, she asked me to sit down and wait, i wait for another 15 minutues, the girl called me again, to scan my thunb print, then asked me to sit down and wait, after around another 15 minutes, the girl called me again, to sign something, THEN ASK ME SIT DOWN AND WAIT AGAIN, i waited another 20 minutes, she called me again and gave me my ATM card, can u calculate how long it took me to open ONE ACCOUNT?? and the probloem is there were not much people there, i looked at my number slip, my number was 1805, and the current number on slip was 1798, this show how effiency they are....


went to SRI KL to take my SPM cert, do you know what MR. CHEW (our principal) ask me?
" why you skin so fair? you never walk under the sun is it?"
SWT... -_-"

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