Tuesday, June 23, 2009


now i can feel the pressure that my friends experienced at the beginning of this semester, short semester i really busy, i thought i am the most relax one, but actually i am not....

things to do:

* endless assignments for world religion, given almost every class
- have to google and do 150words of summary, and the problem is, i don't even understand the articles, how to summarize?

* study for public speaking quizes
- 4 quizes, 3 more to go.....

* study world religion quiz

*prepare informative speech and persuasive speech
- 25% for each, 7-10 mins speech

* forum / talk for public speaking
* 15 mins talk, group project

* mid term
- 6 essay questions for abnormal psychology
- 40 mcq questions for world religion, choose 1 out of 6 for essay question

* presentation for abnormal psychology
- analyze research paper and do presentation

*1500 words for abnormal psychology research paper
- analyze research paper too

* world religion project - survey and interview
- survey of buddhism, at least 20 questions
- interview and recording some one who know buddhism well, where to find this person? temple?

* finals
- i think again 8 essay questions for abnormal psychology?
- no idea for world religion

ADP is not an easy program, think twice before you take it

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