Tuesday, September 29, 2009


went to 100 degree celcius steamboat for dinner
in kuchai lama
bacause of the COLD weather today
i feel like having some hot and spicy food

my all time favourite steamboat soup, TOMYAM!
i don't know why
maybe i love spicy food
he ordered fish head soup
which i think my TOMYAM soup is more suitable for steamboat
something funny when we were ordering the food
i had decided to order tomyam soup
but he had not decide yet
so he asked the waitress to recommand
" would you like to try bak kut teh soup?"
"don't want"
"herbal soup?"
"don't want"
then i help the waitress to scold him
asked people to recommand
this don't want
that don't want
better make your own decision
[ don't scold me when you read this ]

he said i don't have to put blusher
because my face is RED enough
and i found out that
steamboat not only meant to fill up our stomach
but also as a steamer
maybe i sit at the wrong position
the steam kept on blowing to my face
which i think i don't have to go for facial
after this dinner

hopefuly he enjoy the food there
the food there not really special
but quite fresh and good environment

last but not least
my favourite drinks
i fall in love with it since the first time i drink
acutally i prefer to drink hot tiramisu
but then the food is too hot and spicy
so i have to drink a cold one
to cold me down

Saturday, September 19, 2009


went pyramid today
[ jennifer, josephine, choy yie, jacq, chen peng ]
thanks to jennifer
i spent around RM160 on cosmetics!

after my piano class
went for dinner with kelvin
then i got jess's message to yam cha
so me and kelvin went to cheras
we have yam cha session in "tan cha" house
[ nick, jess, victor, cally, me and kelvin ]

nick and jess ordered a lavender tea
it taste weird
cause no taste at all
but when u smell
it has a nice smell
so nick cant even finish a cup
and victor helped

don't be shock when you see me
because you may not recognize me
i just have my new hair style
i cut it because i want to look fresher
and have something new
althought i may look older and fatter
i went for this hair cut with kelvin
he said i look good with this hair style



Sunday, September 13, 2009


supposingly i am uploading videos and pictures
but i delete them
and decided to write something else
because i feel sad after i watched this concert

other than this concert
i am suppose to go for a wedding dinner
my cousin's wedding dinner
my cousin stay in KL
but my aunties stay in Johor
they purposely come back for the dinner

but what i did?
i went for the concert instead of the dinner
actually i was inform for this dinner one week ago
at first i decided to go
i will represent my family to go
cause my both parents are busy

but then on wednesday
my mom decided to go for this concert
then i told her
the concert held the same day with the dinner
she was a bit drunk
she say will go and buy the tickets the next day
don't know the ticket still available or not
the next day i ask her again
she told me the same thing
who knows there are still a lot tickets left
and we got to go for the concert
then i ask her again
are we really going for the concert
she say yes
since we bought tickets already
she say ask my 5th aunty to represent us
then i ask her to talk to my aunties
cause i really don't know how to tell them
the reason we are not going

on friday night
my 2nd aunty called me
[ the bridge's mom ]
cause she can't get my mom
i said she was busy
call her later
when i reached home
i told my mom
then she called back
i thought everything will be ok
she will tell her that we are not going

just now
my 5th aunty called me
only i realise
my mom told the 2nd aunty that
she will go to her house in the morning
she say she will definately going to her house and the dinner
and you know what we did yesterday?
we went pyramid for shopping
and go for the concert at night

she forgot what she promised or what?
i really don't know
since she doesn't decide to go
why she want to promise them?
and that is her sister
her niece's wedding
a concert can be more important than that?
and the problem is
she already know that there is a wedding dinner
why she want to promise someone else to go for concert?
which is not important at all!
how will the relatives look at us?
everyone was looking for us
cause it is not easy to gather all the relatives together
because some stay in Johor
some in KL
and she say she will definately going
people keep a table for us!
the table is empty
how disappointed they are

my 5th aunty told my 2nd aunty
that my mom was busy
and i went for concert
she never tell that my mom went for concert too
cause she doesn't want to add oil on fire

if i know she talk to my aunty like that
i rather waste the ticket money
and go for the dinner
i really don't know how to face the relatives

how can she make people such disappointed?
i really can't understand
what is she doing?
what is she thinking?
what happened to her?!
whats wrong with her?!

if you don't want to go is not a problem
but don't promise them and disappoint them!

not only them
i am so disappointed with her
is that my mom?
she is no longer who i knew.....
ps: 不是你改变,而是我从来都没有认识过真正的你……

Thursday, September 10, 2009


today is a really special day
a lots of couples married today
because 09.09.09 indicated
chang chang jiu jiu
[ forever ]
me and my gang had did something meaningful this morning
we participated in an event
which gather a lot of people
so sing a song titles
in different location
at 9am
to break a Malaysia record
i reached SEGi theater hall at 8:15 am
and i saw nicholas there only
i thought only both of us are going to sing
he played the song to practice
i thought i am the only one who don't know how to sing the song
who knows everyone thereonly heard the songs few times
and didn't really practice the song

actually the song itself has no problem
but the main problem is the singer
i don't know why such a patriotic song
they can find a singer that sing until so dead
if you heard the song
i am sure you won't be interested to listen to it again

everything went smoothly
before we started
we tried to rehearse
try not to sit beside victor when you are practicing a song
because he doesn't follow rhythm
but sing loudly

other than this meaningful event
there is another reason
why today is a special day for me
today is our half year anniversary
sorry that i am not beside you to celebrate with you
but i hope we will have more anniversary to celebrate
thanks for being so caring and loving to be in these 6 months
you are the one who always tolerate me
let me pinch and bite when i am frastrasted
[ sound violent ]
listen to me when i am down
bring fun and joys into my life

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


mommy went genting yesterday
so i have my own fun going out to mid valley
we went Kim Gary for our dinner
i ordered baked cheese rice
and he ordered sizzling fish fillet, pork chop and chicken chop
after that we went for a movie
i covered my eyes most of the times
because the scene really disgusting
and i feel the story is so fake
so many things will move "automatically"
and cause so many accidents
and something funny was
the chair of him was broke
it was a bit shaking
cause the screw was loosen
we tried to put it back but fail
then he called the stuff to change our seat
i was waiting there inside
i found that the chair was actually still sit-able
then i take out the screw
placed it on top of the hole
when he came back with the stuff
once he push the cushion of the seat
the whole thing dropped [the bottom part]
i rally laugh non-stop
although i had did something to the chair
and made it even worse
but it was really broken
so not my fault
i am not the one who broke it

oh ya
bought my new cleanser, toner and moisturizer
from the body shop
hopefully they can save my face

Monday, September 7, 2009


HE made this for me
and he said that this is the 1st time he made and gave people
he brought me to Nippon Hai
ebi roll

beef claypot

fried oyster

Saturday, September 5, 2009


today i went for my first piano lesson
since i had stopped in the year 2003
will continue with Grade 3
and the teacher said may be taking exam next year
depends on my progress
then only decide which grade to take
and the first songs that my teacher gave me was
need more practice

will take practical lesson on saturday
and theory lesson on friday

i will not give up easily this time
i must finished all the grades!

Friday, September 4, 2009


my daddy likes to ride motorcycle
when i was small
he always ride his motorcycle
fetch me from my babysister's house
to buy sweets and vitagen
when we stay in the wooden house in old klang road
he always brought me to fun fair to play
people used to misunderstood about him
he is not a gangster
whenever people heard his name
they are scare of him
he never did bad things to other people
but always help people
always lend money to people
he is soft-hearted
people always seek for his help when they are in trouble
but once they are rich
they forget about who had help them before
he never ask for any return when helping others
for me
he may not a good husband
but no doubt
he is a good daddy
not only sponsor me in financial
whereas i can really see his love for me
wherever i go
he never ask me
where am i going
who am i going with
he will only ask me
" do you need a transport?"
" do you have enough money?"
" have you eaten?"
he is always proud of me
for my good result
even i got 3rd when i was in kindergarten
he brought me to sungai wang
he asked me to buy whatever toys i want
he used to told everyone that his daughter get 8A's for pmr
spread the news to everyone that he know
he never interfere me for my studies
he asked me to study what i want
as long as i am happy
i used to went pyramid every week last time
remember once
he asked me am i going to pyramid the next day
i say no
he ask me why
is it no money
i say i still got money
then the next day he gave me pocket money again
actually i am not pampered
maybe for many people i am
because i always spend money
because i don't drive
but actually i am not
you will not understand me
because your background will not as complicated as mine
he is a daddy who always eat my ice-cream and chocolate
i remembered that
when the fridge left only one haagen daaz ice cream
he eat in front of me
and show off that
he got the last ice-cream =.=
just like a small kid
although he own a restaurant
but he doesn't really know how to taste the food
even the food is a bit spoilt
still he will say it is nice
and he doesn't know how to cook
even maggie mee
but he got improved now
because he know how to cut fruits
he is not educated
not because of the poor family background last time
he always 'ponteng'
to eat ABC
thats what he told me
therefore he may not know how to express himself
i used to hate him a lot
for what he had done
but think deeply
it's all past
most important is he is now no longer who he was
i remebered that one of my friend
told her dad about my restaurant
once he heard the restaurant's name
he knows the owner
who is my dad
he ask the daughter not to friend with me
for fear of anything will happen
he is famous
he is not a gangster
he is not a "dai lou"
no doubt
he earn money in different way
but he never harmed anyone
i am proud of him

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


yesterday was a 'house visiting' day
because i went to cally, nick, jess and abu's house
[ cally, nick. vic, jess, jojoan, kahyan, lett, lett's friend, bok, yion, raymond ]
jojoan and kah yan came and fetched me from my house
then i asked jojoan
cally's house got dog or not?
she say no
cause never heard she say got dog before
when we reached cally's house
once we go near the gate
i heard dog barking
its not a small dog
but a really HUGE dog
luckily it is tied
we had k session in cally's house
we ordered pizza and her mom cook red bean soup for us
never know that our new fren
is a really good singer
after that
me, jess, vic, yion and raymond
went to nick's house
his niece was sleeping
so we quietly go up to nick's room
chat there awhile
then go to jess's house
we didn't enter her house
we went to the playground just in front of her house
she let her Spikey to come out
i am really scare of dogs
and same to nick too
but no doubt
Spikey is cute
then we wait for abu to lead us to his house
actually i know the way
but thanks to victor
he misunderstood my message
so he asked abu to lead us
abu's dog
is seriously hyperactive
i think it is a HE
he can run very fast
jojoan and kahyan also cant handle him
luckily not my dog.....
kelvin came and join us at 11pm
and i left abu's house at 11.30pm
casue my mom was waiting for me to buy beer for her
thanks abu for free mcdonald!!
because we played cards
[abu, me, raymond and kah yan ]
the person who lost 10 times 1st
have to spend the other players mcd
so i would like to say thank you 1st
then ask him to spend us on wednesday

cally's dog


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