Sunday, September 13, 2009


supposingly i am uploading videos and pictures
but i delete them
and decided to write something else
because i feel sad after i watched this concert

other than this concert
i am suppose to go for a wedding dinner
my cousin's wedding dinner
my cousin stay in KL
but my aunties stay in Johor
they purposely come back for the dinner

but what i did?
i went for the concert instead of the dinner
actually i was inform for this dinner one week ago
at first i decided to go
i will represent my family to go
cause my both parents are busy

but then on wednesday
my mom decided to go for this concert
then i told her
the concert held the same day with the dinner
she was a bit drunk
she say will go and buy the tickets the next day
don't know the ticket still available or not
the next day i ask her again
she told me the same thing
who knows there are still a lot tickets left
and we got to go for the concert
then i ask her again
are we really going for the concert
she say yes
since we bought tickets already
she say ask my 5th aunty to represent us
then i ask her to talk to my aunties
cause i really don't know how to tell them
the reason we are not going

on friday night
my 2nd aunty called me
[ the bridge's mom ]
cause she can't get my mom
i said she was busy
call her later
when i reached home
i told my mom
then she called back
i thought everything will be ok
she will tell her that we are not going

just now
my 5th aunty called me
only i realise
my mom told the 2nd aunty that
she will go to her house in the morning
she say she will definately going to her house and the dinner
and you know what we did yesterday?
we went pyramid for shopping
and go for the concert at night

she forgot what she promised or what?
i really don't know
since she doesn't decide to go
why she want to promise them?
and that is her sister
her niece's wedding
a concert can be more important than that?
and the problem is
she already know that there is a wedding dinner
why she want to promise someone else to go for concert?
which is not important at all!
how will the relatives look at us?
everyone was looking for us
cause it is not easy to gather all the relatives together
because some stay in Johor
some in KL
and she say she will definately going
people keep a table for us!
the table is empty
how disappointed they are

my 5th aunty told my 2nd aunty
that my mom was busy
and i went for concert
she never tell that my mom went for concert too
cause she doesn't want to add oil on fire

if i know she talk to my aunty like that
i rather waste the ticket money
and go for the dinner
i really don't know how to face the relatives

how can she make people such disappointed?
i really can't understand
what is she doing?
what is she thinking?
what happened to her?!
whats wrong with her?!

if you don't want to go is not a problem
but don't promise them and disappoint them!

not only them
i am so disappointed with her
is that my mom?
she is no longer who i knew.....
ps: 不是你改变,而是我从来都没有认识过真正的你……

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