Thursday, September 10, 2009


today is a really special day
a lots of couples married today
because 09.09.09 indicated
chang chang jiu jiu
[ forever ]
me and my gang had did something meaningful this morning
we participated in an event
which gather a lot of people
so sing a song titles
in different location
at 9am
to break a Malaysia record
i reached SEGi theater hall at 8:15 am
and i saw nicholas there only
i thought only both of us are going to sing
he played the song to practice
i thought i am the only one who don't know how to sing the song
who knows everyone thereonly heard the songs few times
and didn't really practice the song

actually the song itself has no problem
but the main problem is the singer
i don't know why such a patriotic song
they can find a singer that sing until so dead
if you heard the song
i am sure you won't be interested to listen to it again

everything went smoothly
before we started
we tried to rehearse
try not to sit beside victor when you are practicing a song
because he doesn't follow rhythm
but sing loudly

other than this meaningful event
there is another reason
why today is a special day for me
today is our half year anniversary
sorry that i am not beside you to celebrate with you
but i hope we will have more anniversary to celebrate
thanks for being so caring and loving to be in these 6 months
you are the one who always tolerate me
let me pinch and bite when i am frastrasted
[ sound violent ]
listen to me when i am down
bring fun and joys into my life

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