Friday, September 4, 2009


my daddy likes to ride motorcycle
when i was small
he always ride his motorcycle
fetch me from my babysister's house
to buy sweets and vitagen
when we stay in the wooden house in old klang road
he always brought me to fun fair to play
people used to misunderstood about him
he is not a gangster
whenever people heard his name
they are scare of him
he never did bad things to other people
but always help people
always lend money to people
he is soft-hearted
people always seek for his help when they are in trouble
but once they are rich
they forget about who had help them before
he never ask for any return when helping others
for me
he may not a good husband
but no doubt
he is a good daddy
not only sponsor me in financial
whereas i can really see his love for me
wherever i go
he never ask me
where am i going
who am i going with
he will only ask me
" do you need a transport?"
" do you have enough money?"
" have you eaten?"
he is always proud of me
for my good result
even i got 3rd when i was in kindergarten
he brought me to sungai wang
he asked me to buy whatever toys i want
he used to told everyone that his daughter get 8A's for pmr
spread the news to everyone that he know
he never interfere me for my studies
he asked me to study what i want
as long as i am happy
i used to went pyramid every week last time
remember once
he asked me am i going to pyramid the next day
i say no
he ask me why
is it no money
i say i still got money
then the next day he gave me pocket money again
actually i am not pampered
maybe for many people i am
because i always spend money
because i don't drive
but actually i am not
you will not understand me
because your background will not as complicated as mine
he is a daddy who always eat my ice-cream and chocolate
i remembered that
when the fridge left only one haagen daaz ice cream
he eat in front of me
and show off that
he got the last ice-cream =.=
just like a small kid
although he own a restaurant
but he doesn't really know how to taste the food
even the food is a bit spoilt
still he will say it is nice
and he doesn't know how to cook
even maggie mee
but he got improved now
because he know how to cut fruits
he is not educated
not because of the poor family background last time
he always 'ponteng'
to eat ABC
thats what he told me
therefore he may not know how to express himself
i used to hate him a lot
for what he had done
but think deeply
it's all past
most important is he is now no longer who he was
i remebered that one of my friend
told her dad about my restaurant
once he heard the restaurant's name
he knows the owner
who is my dad
he ask the daughter not to friend with me
for fear of anything will happen
he is famous
he is not a gangster
he is not a "dai lou"
no doubt
he earn money in different way
but he never harmed anyone
i am proud of him

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