Tuesday, September 8, 2009


mommy went genting yesterday
so i have my own fun going out to mid valley
we went Kim Gary for our dinner
i ordered baked cheese rice
and he ordered sizzling fish fillet, pork chop and chicken chop
after that we went for a movie
i covered my eyes most of the times
because the scene really disgusting
and i feel the story is so fake
so many things will move "automatically"
and cause so many accidents
and something funny was
the chair of him was broke
it was a bit shaking
cause the screw was loosen
we tried to put it back but fail
then he called the stuff to change our seat
i was waiting there inside
i found that the chair was actually still sit-able
then i take out the screw
placed it on top of the hole
when he came back with the stuff
once he push the cushion of the seat
the whole thing dropped [the bottom part]
i rally laugh non-stop
although i had did something to the chair
and made it even worse
but it was really broken
so not my fault
i am not the one who broke it

oh ya
bought my new cleanser, toner and moisturizer
from the body shop
hopefully they can save my face

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