Wednesday, November 25, 2009


quite some bad days without streamyx
lousy streamyx
i went to tm point to upgrade my package
and hopefully fix my line
because the DSL is down
and this is not the first time
i already know what to do to check the line

when i reach tm point
i told the people i want to upgrade my plan
and there is technical problem with my connection
they ask me to call
therefore i call using the phone there cause my house cant even call

as usual
waited for so long for the operator to answer me
i told her all the problem
she said i must be in front of my computer
so that she can TEACH me what to do
to fix it
but the problem is
as i said
this is not the 1st time that the DSL line is down
and i know almost all the way to fix it
i realized the only way is to get a technician from them
to come over my house
to fix it
but she insist me to call from my house

what a stupid network
i already told them the problem
why cant they just send someone over to fix it
but wasting my time!

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