Friday, May 7, 2010


went mid valley today
to buy a mother's day present
walk round and round mid valley
don't know what to buy
so went to Poh Kong
spotted one small diamond earrings
RM446 with diamonds
quite nice
but then i decided to walk around 1st then only make final decision
so went to Swarovski
my mom all time favourite
actually i knew that i could find something within my budget there
but why i went Poh Kong 1st instead of this is because
this is just crystal
at least Poh Kong has diamonds
i think it is more valuable if i buy diamonds with the same price for crystal
at last
my final decision is
i decided to keep the small diamond earrings for myself next time
it is kinda small for my mom
compare to her expensive diamonds
so i bought this bracelet for her
at RM505
that means
i am broke again now... =(
i remembered mommy spotted this bracelet before
so i just bought this
actually found another bracelet
more shinny and cheaper
but the bracelet is too long
and not adjustable
so i have to give up that bracelet
found other nice necklace and rings as well
but since this is what she spotted last time
so just buy what she likes la....
it cost rm505 because its all crystal
what if all diamonds????

another reason i went to mid valley today
is because mom wants to watch Ip Man 2
so kelvin bought the tickets online
since i have time
so i went there earlier to buy present for her
and wait for her
who knows
she put me aeroplane
and it is as usually
last minute she told me that she was busy
so the tickets
me and kelvin watched the movie before
so we just went back after out dinner

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