Monday, March 15, 2010


just wake up
and i saw something that really make my mood down
there is a big plastic bag near my house door
for my mom to "collect" her unwanted clothes or bag or whatever
to take it for recycling or giving other people
i saw the bag that i gave her as birthday present last year
[ charles and keith]
she used within 10 times
within one month
she told me the zip was spoilt
i checked
but everything is still in a good condition
now she just dump aside
i know
this is not a LV bag
not from CHE CHE
not any other branded bag
she said before
she bought herself a LV bag
since no one buying for her
and i just simply bought a CHEAP bag for her
which cost me RM150
to entertain her
she only want Rm400 over bag from Che Che
Rm1000 over bag from LV
others all are Cheap bag for her!

never ever ask me to buy you a bag!

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