Sunday, March 7, 2010

birthday celebration in advance 2010

woke up at 8:30 this morning
had dim sum breakfast with kelvin's family

yin yang sweet and chili sauce
(my masterpiece) *winks

yam prawn

their hometown "dao fu pok"

after the breakfast
i went to aunty's house
to visit the talkative BB Alysa
she is 1 year and 9 months old now
very talkative and active
but she is really cute
you would definitely love her!

i had a really awesome buffet dinner tonight
at Traders Hotel

more than 10 types of salads
sushi and sashimi


waffle ice cream

i really got surprise by this cake
never expect a birthday cake at here
thanks my dear
cheese cake

nice raspberry!

after that
we went up to 33th floor to Sky Bar
really nice night view at night
recommended for special occasions!!

with swimming pool at the middle
and small swimming pool a the side

our drinks
if i am not mistaken

last but not least
this cake made by kelvin's dad
and deco by kelvin
thanks uncle and my dear
love it!

thanks my dear for doing so much for me
i really appreciate a lot
present doesn't count on how much it is
but how sincere is the person who gave it
you are such a caring person
i can see how much effort you put in
just to make me happy
love you... <3


Joan'-' said...

hehehe! last time we wanted to go to sky bar but we don't know how to go...i want to go too! XD hehehehe...

Vickie said...

haha, next time we go together!