Saturday, March 13, 2010


at least i can take a little breathe
had my entreprenuership presentation on wed
i though it would end up terribly
because we din't meet the lecturer before our presentation
i think she was a bit "beh song" us
some more i broke my shoes that day
the first projector didn't work
the second projector's color got problem
so i have to change my pics for my slides
so many unfortunate things happened before my presentation
i thought it would ended up a failure

after i presented my part
ms sham ask me to hold on
something bad pop up into my mind
i thought she was not satisfied with us
who knows
she praise me!
she said that's a good presentation
and thats what a presentation should be
with a lot of pictures and little words
she was entertained!
the other group mates before me was to wordy

i was surprise
will keep it up
and hopefully i can score better in my future presentations!

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