Monday, March 29, 2010


just have a little updated of my IELTS
went for the remaining tests yesterday
i did really badly
already told Kelvin to prepare money for me
poor Kelvin
what to do
you got no choice

something i found similar with my cousin
who is the same kind people as me
but she is purely sei wui yan 四会人
both of her parents are sei wui yan
but me only my dad
so i am half
me and my cousin treat bf quite the same
but hers is husband
the way we talk
but i am not as fierce as her
she can just ask the husband do not argue with her
no matter what she say
just say Ah Ah Ah ( to agree with her)
but me
if he argue or disagree with me
i will just stare at him
so thats the difference!

she can just hold her husband's face
and turn his face to one side
to ask him to tell ppl that how good she treats him
i will hold her chin
and ask him
" now i treat you not good mehhhh? "
with staring eyes
the more i know about my cousin sis
the more i laugh
not laughing at her
but myself

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