Thursday, December 2, 2010


it is the last week before finals for this semester
and i have not started anything for my finals
i don't know how am i going to sit for the exams
assignments are completely cleared
and i seriously see all kind of people in this semester
i should say in this way
i can see the real and true side of people
i learn my lesson
never trust anyone
and don't get cheated by the appearance
i learn a good lesson this semester
and i promise myself not doing the same mistake next time
time flies as it is already the beginning of december
the end of the year!
not only finals is coming
but BIG SALES are ongoing too!
too bad i have no money
save money to buy phone next year
i should really save more money for the future
and i am really serious this time
how to stop myself from shopping??
i think it is hard
but i will try to buy LESSER

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