Tuesday, September 7, 2010


my phone was not able to charge
battery totally dead
tried so many times
but failed
took mom's phone
a simple nokia phone
at last
and also finally
my phone can be charge again
i tried so many times
by pulling the cable up and down
here and there
to find the best position for the cable to attach perfectly to my phone
will try a new charger tomorrow
see what's wrong with my phone

although i am planning for a new handphone
but i still prefer my current handphone
as it has everything that i want
except for the video camera at the back
and also
this is the phone that kelvin bought me
i must really appreciate
but i have difficulties in pressing some numbers
as this problem occurred when i first got my phone
that time only number 3 has problem
but now spread to other numbers as well
tried fix it last time
but still the same
gave up~~

iphone 4 or galaxy S or blackberry?

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