Saturday, June 26, 2010


i think my anger towards her reach the boiling point today
i asked her to think of what topic she wants
and this morning the told me that
she wanted to re-group
that is what i told her yesterday
and she refused
don't know what was she thinking
and she even said that
it is because our group doesn't have SMART people
or those expert people
so want to re-group
what the hell is this
sorry because i use kind of rude word to her
i know my english is not as good as others
i can't write fabulous english
but you can't say that directly to me
the 3 of us
the problem is her
not me and the guy
i am going to banned her from my life forever
luckily the lecturer is understanding
thank you dr chandran
oh ya
not to forget
i must mention that
she even said this to me
she asked me to talk to the lecturer together
but actually i already talked to the lecturer personally
she say that if she talk to him alone
he will think that she is the only one who has problem
but this is the fact!
she is really rude!
the words she used
and i don't like her being rude to my friend
when she ask my phone number from jojoan
jojoan was away
jojoan talked to her when she was back
you know what she replied?
you also don't want to give
how can this kind of rude people survive in this world??!!

lecturer gave us a GOOD for our homework!
this is how a team works

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