Monday, June 28, 2010


woke up at 9.30
called jojoan to go to True Fitness
to try the Body Combat class
but sorry that i was a little bit late
we were not able to try the class
so will go again next week
this is the first time
kah yan joined us for gym
after not even one hour
she said she was tire
and hungry
she can really eat a lot!

the evidence that she went for gym!

the restaurant is just a small house
in a small place near by Hin Hua school
if not my mom's friend brought us there
I will never know there is a place
with such a nice food!

8 of us
ordered 8 crabs!
each of us one
really yummy
they was baked with salt
and steam at the same time
i don't really know the way the cook
but this is the best food there
i bet you will go back again once you tried it!
guess how much?
RM 134 for 3.2 kg!

ginger steam Garuba head
and this only cost rm60!

fried mee hoon with clams

red wine chicken
half of the chicken
fried pork
not oily at all
RM 24

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