Saturday, June 26, 2010


really hate this kind of people
ask you for opinion
you say no idea
the weirdest person in ADP !!!!
due to some stupid idiot that don't know how to find their group member
our lecturer grouped us according to our name and major
i am grouping with a girl and a guy from africa
a weird and a maybe non productive member
what should i do?

when i ask her for opinion
she has no idea
so i came out a lot of ideas
she just keep on mentioning that
those topics don't relate to her management major
so we choose a very general topic
which is
"Should abortion be legalized?"
and we relate it to psychological effect
she is doing the intro part
and depression
not difficult right?
even the lecturer also said that it is a good topic
but now only she tells me that
can we change topic?
or talk with the lecturer
cause it is not related to her management major
lecturer wants us to choose something base on our major
just want us to choose something that we are familiar with
3 of us in a group
me and the guy are majoring in psychology
but we didn't really choose on a psychology topic
abortion is a very general topic
just try to relate depression to abortion
is that very difficult?
and what topic she suggested to use instead of this is
" therapy that used cure phobia can not help much in office stress"
phobia don't relate to office stress
and how therapy for phobia work on office stress?
i really mong cha cha

i don't want to do double work
i don't want to check for unrelated content
i really have no time
i still have a lot of assignments to do


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