Monday, June 14, 2010


went genting yesterday
with kelvin and ah yee's family
the first time that i went somewhere without my mom
although it was just a half day trip
but i am happy!
hopefully i can go more and more trips!!!
never expect i will spend money on clothes there
when i reached there
there was a big banner with
up to 70% branded warehouse sales!!!!
i went there and bought some things
what to do
i cant go to casino
i am underage and also i went there with shorts
so me and kelvin walked around and shopped in genting

reached home at 2am
but enjoy a lot!


yion said...

happy to heard tat.. wish u can hav more trips... wish u happy..

Vickie said...

hahaa, thank you! wish u the same too, happy always, don think so much, enjoy ur life....