Friday, June 25, 2010


today I officially went for gym and yoga
started my gym at 3.30pm
jogging with jojoan
she has a really good stamina
she jog for an hour!
that's not easy
at least for me
hopefully she will join
so we can "keep fit" together

waited for kelvin to finish his work
then Alton taught him how to build his MUSCLE
which ever part he wants it to be BIGGER

today was the first day i went for Hot Yoga
since 3 years i had stopped
i started to sweat after 5 minutes i entered the room
the temperature was high

and all the aunties and uncles there were all used to it
to the positions
they will do the next position before the instructor gave instructions
and they have a really flexible body
the instructor asked me is this the first time i join
i say yes
he asked me to do slowly
practice more can improve

but Hot Yoga is not easy
compare to normal Yoga
the temperature
the position

now i can feel the pain in my muscle.....

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