Tuesday, August 25, 2009



we went to MCD amd Wong Kok to celebrate with him
[ nick, vic, jess, me, kelvin, abu, jojo, jo joan, kah yan, cally, yancy ]
wish you all the best in your studies
found a girl friend soon
earn money then we go shopping together

we bought HAM JIM PAN and basketball for him
and the HAM JIM PAN chosen by Victoria
i don't know how he choose
when we look at the cover
already we are not interested with the content
nick say it is boring
and the girl looks like having skin problem
Victoria, improve your taste k?
you are having this hair style since the first day i know you
and i think it is time for you to change now

this is the 2nd time i went back home late
the 1st time is vic's birthday
we went wong kok too
and i back at around 1
and yesterday same too

my mom ask me to be back by 12
but i just ignore
she called me at 12.30
i say we just cut the cake
and going back soon

below is the conversation before i went there
m= mommy
v= me

v : can i go yan cha with frens? cos my fren nicholas birthday, in wong kok leisure mall at 10
m : i don't know how to go there wor...
v : nick is coming to fetch me
m : he fetch you? how long had you know him?
v : we going there with a bunch of friends, not only both of us
m : why go cheras there so far? why can't find a nearer place and its so late now, you will at least come back at 2 if you are going at 10
v : i will be back earlier and from here to cheras only 15 minutes
[ after a while ]
v : my 2 girl's friends fetch me, not nick....
m : har.... only 3 girls in a car, so dangerous

at last i just ignore her,
i bath and changed
guy fetch me,
" how long you had know him? don't simply sit people's car "
girls fetch me,
" only few girls of you, dangerous ah..."
guys cant
girls cant
don't let me drive alone at night
means how?
don't go out lo....

so i learn something yesterday
just ignore her
and go out
i don't want to be panpered anymore
of curse i won't go over board
let me do what i want k?
i will take good care of myself....

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