Tuesday, August 18, 2009


don blame me for squatting down
cause it is really tiring to stand the whole day

thats how i pass my working time
actually i don't carry the demo kit the whole day
i just put in on the thing behind me
cause it's really heavy!!

and i found something was

we don't call each other with our name
but the brand's of product that we are promoting
they called me Gillette
others are like Dove, Loreal, Nescafe and so on

i can't believe that i actually work for 6 days
3 days for two weeks
i thought of giving up to work on the first day that i work
but i tell myself that i must finish my work
since i had promised and signed contract
don't give people a bad impression that
do not complete the project
since this is my 1st project
i am proud of myself
i know this is not a really high pay
but i know my standard
and this is a very good experience
i got more friends

the other promoters there are friendly
especially one of the aunty
i don't know her name
cause we called her as
"aunty who selling milk powder"
she brought me to walk around Giant to eat!
fried mee, beef maggie mee, ice cream, chocolate,
and nasi lemak
*getting fatter

thanks my dear for the drinks
its really sweet and warm

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