Friday, March 18, 2011


Alysa is admitted to the hopsital
due to fever and lungs infection
me and kelvin visited her yesterday
aunty was there to take care of her

pity her for falling sick again
she is thinner now
she has nth into her stomach for already one day
her hands and legs were shivering
when she woke up
she felt better
and want to do some drawing
had great time with her

after a while
my aunty say let her go to the play room
at least for her walk
she was not able to walk properly at first
as noted
because of her empty stomach with medicine
when we were about to go back to the wad
aunty went to take her water bottle
me and kelvin were there to look after her
who knows she just felt down
her face facing down
she cried loudly
we quickly carried her
her mouth bleed!
really scare me
i carry her back to the wad
the nurse brought her ice cube
after about 3 minutes
she stopped crying
and want to do some drawing again
nurse called doctor
worry that she knocked her head or what
looking at her swollen lip
i felt extremely guilty
i know i am not the one who make her felt down
but i did not take good care of her
when the nurse treating her with ice cube
i almost faint
i hardly breath and feel like vomited
hopefully she can recover soon

it is seriously not easy to take care of a child!

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