Sunday, March 6, 2011


this is the 2nd time i am celebrating my birthday at Traders Hotel
but it is slightly different this year
because i celebrated with my aunty
and her family

kelvin got Alysa this chocolate biscuit
she was so happy
and if you want to eat
you can only eat the part
without chocolate
but at last
she can we can eat a little bit
"zhi ke yi chi yi dian dian oh"
she will look at you while you are biting
to make sure you only bite yi dian dian

and she has chocolate all over her mouth

and her teeth!

she was so proud of her chocolate mouth!

cake specially made by kelvin's friend
she was on leave on that day
but thanks her for making us such a delicous cake

aunty and I
her birthday is just one day after me
so we celebrated together

and she got me the diamond key
thank you!


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